Start-Up and Testing

Automation Studio™ provides validation through graphic modeling, simulation and automated testing to reduce start-up time.

Virtual Machine for Better Diagnostics

The interaction between the virtual environment of Automation Studio™ and the outside world will help to better understand a machine operation. By enabling a communication with real controllers, the understanding of the different system interactions is greatly improved at all levels. This interaction provides unique means to improve equipment troubleshooting and perform problem diagnostics.

Realistic Troubleshooting Tools

A complete set of measuring tools, including an oscilloscope, multimeter, hydraulic tester, pressure gauge and thermometer, is available. It is possible to dynamically place probes anywhere in the circuit and obtain instant readings.

CAN Bus Link for the Creation of Complete Virtual Machine

With the addition of the CAN Bus communication, any compatible control element can be connected to Automation Studio™ to create complete virtual machines and to control them in a realistic manner.