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Automation Studio™, Automation Studio™ Live Manifold and Andon Studio™ do not use the Log4j utility. Therefore, they are not affected by the vulnerabilities of the said Log4j utility.

Demo Files

Preview & download more than 300 demo files from all technologies.


Automation Studio™ Viewer

This free application allows opening, in read-only mode, projects originally created in Automation Studio™ Professional and Educational edition. It can display schematics for any technology with components' tooltips, references and highlight links. View and print schematics, plotter curves from the original project, as well as various reports.

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Users with an Automation Studio™ licenses and an active Maintenance Plan can access the Teachware that includes training material and exercises on Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Electrical.

The exercises compatibility depends on the available modules of your license.

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Quick Start Guides

These Quick Start Guides will get you started on the right path.


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