Automation Studio™ Professional Edition is an intuitive trade-oriented software used to design, simulate and document any type of machine system. Easily create hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and automation schematics. Combine all necessary technologies to analyze, validate and troubleshoot the complete system in simulation mode. Trusted by renowned component manufacturers, users are able to integrate pre-configured components into their schematics, and simulate the system with realistic behaviour.

Automation Studio™ - Professional Edition

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Create, Analyze, Troubleshoot and Validate Multi-technology Circuits.

Automation Studio Professional Edition Software by Famic Technologies
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Automation Studio™ Educational Edition is the perfect tool to teach and train future engineers and technicians on key mechatronics concepts. Create and animate basic circuits for any technology, have students simulate and analyze complete systems and test their comprehension with custom exercises. Includes online remote access for teachers and students.

Automation Studio™ - Educational Edition

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Train Future Technicians and Engineers on Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electrical and PLC Systems Through Simulation.

Automation Studio Educational Edition Software by Famic Technologies
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Automation Studio™ Live Manifold manages the entire workflow needed to make hydraulic manifold blocks, reducing time and cost at every stage of the block creation cycle. It starts with a hydraulic diagram, using components from many manufacturers' catalogues, which then allows the automatic or manual creation of the 3D manifold block in record time. The application automatically provides all machining parameters and technical drawings. In addition, the hydraulic simulation of the manifold block takes into account the pressure drops for its calculations and displays the movements of the fluid as well as the pressures and flow rates. The application also makes it possible to make cost estimates for manifold blocks. All of these features are bundled in one software and give designers nothing but benefits to speed time to market.

Automation Studio™ - Live Manifold

Quickly Design, Quote and Prototype Hydraulic Manifolds.

Automation Studio Live Manifold Software by Famic Technologies
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Andon Studio™ Professional Edition is a smart factory solution to help improve productivity. With its modular functions and simple interface, Andon Studio™ is the ideal platform for real-time monitoring of production and for optimizing operations. Stay connected with every machine and team member to increase ROI and better manage unexpected situations.

Andon Studio™ - Professional Edition

The Power of Industry 4.0 at
Your Fingertips.

Increased Productivity, Thanks to Connected Smart Factory.

Andon Studio Industry 4.0 Professional solution by Famic Technologies
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Andon Studio™ Educational Edition meets your Industry 4.0 learning needs in industrial engineering, operations management, business processes and quality. It enables a better understanding of industrial digitization. Flexible, easy to use, modular and configurable, Andon Studio™ simplifies the complexity of learning, making it an engaging and interactive activity for both teacher and student.

Andon Studio™ - Educational Edition

Preparing the Future’s Industrial Workforce for the Digital World.

Andon Studio Industry 4.0 Educational solution by Famic Technologies