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Manifold Block

Hydraulic circuit simulated with Automation Studio Professional Edition software

Hydraulic Manifold Block Module

THE MOST effective hydraulic manifold block design, prototyping, validation and production software solution that uses cartridge valves from several manufacturers’ catalogues. This module allows automatic prototyping of hundreds of manifold solutions in no time through its incredibly sophisticated “Auto-Create Block” algorithms and customizable design preference options.

Design your Manifold Block Schematic

You first create your machine in the Automation Studio™ schematic workspace using components from manufacturer catalogs. These components already contain all the parameters necessary for the simulation, but also specific data required in a Manifold Block design such as cavities, connection ports, 3D geometries, etc.

Manifold Block Preferences and Cavity Manager

Easily manage default design preferences and options in designing of your block. You can define preferred faces for the positioning of components, rules for clearance zones, drilling rules, drill set, hole closures, and many other options.

If a cavity is missing for your component, you can use the Cavity Manager to create it based on your requirements.

Automatically Generate Multiple Manifold Block Design Solutions

Among several features offered in the Hydraulic Manifold Block workshop, the "Auto-Create Block" automatic creation function saves considerable time in the design process. A few seconds are enough to generate a hundred solutions of blocks. Preference options can be modified to narrow the solutions according to your standards and requirements.

Assisted manual operations

Manual operations have been optimized for the design of a hydraulic Manifold Block to easily modify solutions such as moving components and channels. The diameter of the ports, the drills list, the type of closure plugs, the extrusion of the block are examples of easily adjustable elements depending on the equipment at your disposal.

Block Performance Simulation

Use the power of simulation for which Automation Studio ™ is renowned for, to check your block's performances, such as pressure, flow and temperature within your manifold, and to validate the behaviour before production, hence saving time and costs in the prototyping phase.

Technical and Production Drawings

This workshop was truly designed to optimize the creation of a hydraulic Manifold Block . Not only is the block designed quickly, but all required reports are too. Similar to our auto-routing capabilities, reports can be generated automatically based on preferences. Available reports include: the drilling list, technical drawings and production drawings containing dimensions, references, orthogonal views, list of components, and 2D hydraulic manifold circuit, all within a few clicks! A full report is also available to be generated. Additionally, hydraulic Manifold Block s can be exported in STEP, XML and CAD, enabling you to send this information to produce your manifolds.