Consulting and
Software Development


An Agile and Rigorous Approach Leading to Successful Projects

As a provider of information technology services, Famic Technologies has acquired over the course of the projects a complete expertise oriented towards the satisfaction of its customers, the quality of its interventions, and the respect of budgets and schedules.
The unique approach that has made our success over the years in projects of all sizes aims to minimize ambiguity, complexity and risk, and is based on the following:

Guiding Principles

  • The client is at the heart of the project and involved in most phases.
  • Our methodology is adaptive according to the scale of the project.
  • We follow proven principles and standards of software engineering (sketches and use cases , UML, Agile SCRUM, ...) and project management (PMI).
  • Communication between stakeholders is at the heart of our concerns to ensure a good understanding between them.
  • We adopt a global vision of the project and go beyond the requirements of a strict one-off intervention. Our deliverables thus form a solid base on which it will be possible to integrate new functions in the future.
  • Our quality assurance team is dedicated to ensure the most rigorous certification of our software.

Professionals watching guidelines for a project

Our Offer Includes the Following Services

Professional working on a computer project
  • Project management.
  • Analysis and definition of needs.
  • Design and custom development of all types of applications (WEB, server-client, real-time, mobile and more).
  • System reengineering.
  • Customized training.
  • Integration and adaptation of third-party products (CMS, Biztalk, Sharepoint and more).
  • Design of turnkey systems.
  • Software verification and validation.
  • Network services (design, support, security).