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View and Share Automation Studio™ projects.

The Automation Studio™ Viewer allows to open in read-only mode projects realized in Automation Studio™ Professional and Educational. This free edition lets you share schematics within your organization, with clients or with anyone who doesn’t possess an Automation Studio™ license. The Viewer can display schematics for any technology, plotter curves from the original project as well as various reports. PRX documents are accessible from the Project Explorer, if the access rights are not restricted in the original file.

Integrated Functions to Ensure Greater Flexibility

  • Translation Manager: Display content visible on schematics or tooltips in the language of your choice
  • Display functions: references, satellites, highlight links, etc.
  • Navigation by links created between components and documents
  • Layer selection and display
  • Printing project documentation
Please follow the below instructions for the Installation and Registration process.
Automation Studio Viewer edition software

Automation Studio™ Viewer Installation Instructions

Installation and Registration Process

  • Download Automation Studio™ Viewer by using the button above.

    Automation Studio viewer edition installation
  • Once the Installation is complete, open the Automation Studio™ Viewer.
  • Start the Registration process by completing the user information form. Click Submit.

    Automation Studio viewer edition activation code
  • Enter the activation code sent to your email to complete your Registration.

    Automation Studio viewer edition activation code
  • You can now use the Automation Studio™ Viewer.