Automation Studio Professional Edition Software by Famic Technologies

HMI & Control Panels

HMI simulation with Automation Studio Professional Edition software

This module allows you to implement your systems operator view. You can replicate interactive interfaces, animate equipment behaviour, and develop training, maintenance and diagnostic scenarios.

Virtual Machine Visualization

“Virtual Machine” means a complete simulation model, enhanced with a 3D visualization moving according to the real physical contributions of all the involved technologies.
Moreover, this concept of virtual machine consists of an interactive live simulation where the evolution of the machine in time is monitored and acted upon live by the user. It also offers the possibility to do interactive tests, giving access to all simulated operating conditions.

Visualize the Behaviour of Your Systems

You have complete freedom to build custom animated components and shapes, and to create control panels as well as complete animated equipment. Parameters and animation rules are attached to each graphical object and component in order to produce the required visual effects as a result of the simulation. This module is completely integrated with all other libraries, making it possible to simulate systems while monitoring your machine in motion.

Create Interactive Operator Interfaces

Be it an industrial control panel, aircraft cockpit, mobile machinery dashboard, etc., this module allows you to implement it quickly and link it to your system during simulation. A complete library of commonly used components, such as switches, push buttons, indicator lights and meters, is readily available for use. The created operator interfaces behave as they would in real-life.