Automation Studio Professional Edition Software by Famic Technologies


Hydraulic circuit simulated with Automation Studio Professional Edition software

Compliant with ISO 1219-1 and 1219-2 standards, Automation Studio™ offers a Hydraulic Library containing all the component symbols required to create mobile and industrial hydraulic systems.

Thousands of Symbols Available

Throughout the libraries, you can find a wide range of hydraulic component symbols such as pumps, motors, directional valves, pressure valves, mechanical components, measuring and conditioning instruments, transducers, etc. Components have been grouped by function to facilitate navigation.

Preconfigured Components

Each component is preconfigured by default with technical properties, allowing users to quickly simulate their circuits. Users are able to tweak component’s parameters as needed. Even simulation parameters such as performance curves, external loads, leaks, viscosity and thermal characteristics can be configured.

Valve Configurators

Automation Studio™ provides configuration tools that allow you to create your own symbols and simulation models. Several user-friendly interfaces are available to help you design valves, reservoirs, gearbox, etc., giving you complete freedom and autonomy.

Actuators and Pumps Configurators

Configuration tools are also available for actuators and pumps. Actuators can be easily reconfigured to reach your symbol requirement while the pump builders offer a large range of preconfigured manufacturer options.

Spool Position Designer

Automation Studio™ offers thousands of pre-configured spools within the valve builders. In case you do not find the needed spool symbol, the Spool Position Designer allows you to easily build and store them in your Custom Spool database for future use. The Spool Position Designer incorporates all the schematic tools required to create the spool position circuit of the inner function of any directional valve. The spool position may incorporate components such as flow control, pressure control, lines, orifices, restrictions, etc.

Dynamic Parameter Tuning in Simulation

At any time during simulation, you can adjust equipment parameters and manually control just about any device: set a pressure on a relief valve or operate a lever, a joystick or a valve, the choice is yours!

Simulation Parameters

  • External effort on actuators can be constant, periodic, or variable
  • Static and dynamic friction
  • Internal and external leaks
  • Volumetric, mechanical and thermal efficiencies
  • Inertia and mechanical transmission
  • Valve kinematic and response time
  • Dead band and hysteresis
  • Flow force on valves
  • Flow characteristics
  • Component failure
  • Specific heat coefficient
  • and more...

Manufacturer Preconfigured Components

Trusted by renowned components manufacturers, users are able to drag & drop preconfigured components from the manufacturer of their choice directly into Automation Studio™. Each manufacturer component has their respective accurate simulation parameters, enabling a faster system design.


All other available technologies, such as Electrotechnical (AC/DC) and PLCs, can be linked together in order to create a Digital Twin of a complete system. For simpler control, the sequence diagram provides a visual and intuitive tool to promptly create sequences of operation without the need of a specific control language.

Increasing machine knowledge and providing the ability to troubleshoot your systems, the components used are dynamically documented via the Bill of Material & Report module.

The Hydraulic module is used in markets involved in mobile and industrial machines such as in Agricultural, Construction, Mining, Metallurgy, Forestry and Oil & Gas.