Automation Studio Professional Edition Software by Famic Technologies

What Our Clients Say About Automation Studio™ Professional Edition


"The usage of the software Automation Studio™ has facilitated and accelerated the development of Hydraulic system design services offered to our customers. This service is being more and more requested, the use of the software allowed H.P. Hydraulique to distinguish its position in the market and meet all customer needs. Automation Studio™ software allows the design and simulation of hydraulic circuits using our own components, and therefore presenting them to customers in the design phase. Having a clear and functional circuit presentation at this stage is a significant competitive advantage."

"Automation StudioTM delivered exactly what we needed with a platform to model specific hydraulic equipment for our long-term customer’s training. Automation StudioTM was highly customizable for the various hydraulic systems we needed to create. This allowed a detailed model to be created which could be used in a classroom type training program. As part of this training program the hydraulic simulation of the equipment could be altered with the capabilities in Automation StudioTM to change the parameters of the system as it was running. This allowed for real life troubleshooting scenarios to be interactively experienced using Automation StudioTM in the training session."

"I have used Automation StudioTM since 2006 and I find it very useful in performing my job as Senior Hydraulics Engineer of Liebherr Mining Equipment, Newport News. Although I do not use it to its full capacity due to my many other duties, I know how powerful it is. Early in the development of the hoist system currently used on the new T 264 Mining Truck, I spent a lot of time building an accurate model of the hoist manifold. This model accurately predicted that the setting of a valve was too low and would allow a logic to open incorrectly while extending the hoist cylinders, thus slowing down the extend cycle."

"For many years now, different Liebherr design departments have relied on Automation Studio™, an intuitive and powerful tool to design and simulate fluid power circuits for any machine. Two years ago, the training center in Nenzing also decided to integrate the software into its trainings. During a customer training, one participant showed us a simulation of a pump using Automation Studio™. This was one of the main reasons we decided to start using the software. (...)
For several years now, Famic Technologies has been integrating in Automation Studio™ components of well-known manufacturers which are preconfigured based on the manufacturers’ official data sheets. As the virtual components show an almost identical behaviour to their real counterparts, virtual machines can be created and used for simulation and testing in a variety of conditions. For some time, Liebherr and Famic Technologies have been developing a specific manufacturers’ catalogue, containing Liebherr components that are integrated in Automation Studio™."

"CNHi has 50 dedicated R&D centers worldwide and has been using Automation StudioTM by Famic Technologies for more than 10 years to design and simulate construction and agricultural machines.
Before the merger with CNHi, Iveco was using a standard CAD software without an advanced module for drawing its pneumatic schematics. Iveco started using Automation StudioTM after the merger in 2014.
By leveraging CNHi’s experience with Automation Studio™ as a best practice in fluid power, we decided to use this software to design and test our commercial vehicles. This enabled us to make good use of Automation Studio™ and generate great synergy."

"By using the software Automation StudioTM, we found an excellent possibility to meet our customers’ requirements. In close cooperation with Famic Technologies we developed a product catalogue of our components, which is integrated into the software Automation StudioTM and used by our customers. We want to emphasize the active participation of the team of Famic Technologies. They rendered every assistance within a very short reaction time in order to fulfil our wishes and to solve occurring challenges during the implementation process of the product catalogue in a fast and efficient way. Additionally, we are using Automation StudioTM successfully during the conceptual and early development stages of new components and systems.
Linde Hydraulics has recognized numerous advantages in using Automation StudioTM and therefore, also recommends other companies to work with this software."

"At the Subsea Company, we design and build components and sub-systems used subsea, or to control equipment used subsea, by offshore drilling contractors. If our customers pull their equipment due to a preventable failure they may lose 3 to 10 million dollars. Obviously there will be a lot of pain for everyone in the supply chain. In order to provide a higher level of assurance that our products are robust and reliable, we model our hydraulic circuits in Automation StudioTM as part of our design process. We use Automation StudioTM to simulate our circuits and document them. We give them part numbers, revision levels and control them through a management of change process. Automation StudioTM not only allows us to quickly simulate the functionality of the design, but with a little more effort it is a great aid for carrying out the engineering design. Not only is the software a good product but the service and training is there to back it up."

"I am in charge for the safety engineering in hydraulics. Within everyday hydraulics there are errors being made, which might remain hidden under certain conditions but can lead to devastating effects later on. With the help of the Automation StudioTM tool, these errors can be noticed early on within the planning and design phase. Hereby the validation of a schematic entails for example the verification and analysis of a schematic also under failure conditions. This can be taken care of easily with this tool."

"Our project involved modeling the tractive effort of a piece of underground mining machinery to determine its ability to move large pieces of equipment around an underground mine. The hydraulic circuit on the machine was modeled using Famic’s Automation Studio™ software. Major components were pulled from their vast component library and assisted greatly in the creating the circuit. Any components that were not available from a specific manufacturer’s component library were easily and quickly modeled by Famic.
The result was that the traction circuit was accurately modeled. We were able to simulate various tractive effort scenarios using different pressure input values. The modeling confirmed that we were able to achieve the desired tractive effort to move the machine and satisfy the contractual requirements of the customer."


"Automation Studio serves to create an environment with synergy that stimulates the student’s interest as well as the development of the necessary problem-solving skills once the animated system can be viewed. For the instructor, it is a powerful tool that can bring to the classroom a simulated electrical system of the S-76 and the behavior of the aircraft panel, allowing several faults to be inserted for discussion and troubleshooting."

"We have been using Automation Studio™ software now for nearly 10 years. We use the Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and basic electrical functions of the software. Over the years the software has improved greatly, and the ISO standardized symbols are a great addition. The manufacturer catalog symbols from the various manufacturers allow you to actually see how the product will behave in a particular circuit. The simulation ability allows you to validate the circuit before having an expensive manifold built or the system plumbed up in the field. The electrical package allows you to construct a control circuit and validate the operation and sequencing before buying and installing hardware. I would strongly recommend this software package to anyone involved in the design of pneumatic, hydraulic, or electrical control systems."

"Bosch Rexroth delivered a technology system for the recently opened locks of the Panama Canal. In order to control the water quantity within the gate chambers, 152 hydraulic cylinders have been connected to the 30 tons wheel-mounted gates. By means of the new Rexroth drives, around 290 million liters of water can be saved during each locking. The requirement on fresh water is reduced by 60 percent, and now due to the bigger water gates, ships carrying up to 13,000 containers can pass through.
Based on consistently positive experiences in the past, we chose Automation Studio™ for training the operation’s staff for this highly complex project. By means of Automation Studio™, both the hydraulic circuit and the corresponding electronic control program of the wheel-mounted gates can be displayed and simulated. Not only can the functionality of the single components be presented in details, but it can also be done for the entire system."

"Boart Longyear is the only company worldwide that provides drilling services and designs and manufactures its own drilling rigs. For that reason, the R&D department is maintaining a close contact with end users which have high expectations and require for machines to continuously be improved. In order to fulfill these requirements, either a high amount of resources or an exceptional software is needed. With its intuitive interface for creating 2D schematics, dynamic bills of material (BOM) and simulation functionality, Automation Studio™ is more than capable of meeting this task. With this software, even the most complex situations can be depicted and realized in a very fast manner. By releasing its version P6.2, Famic Technologies has greatly improved the user-friendliness of Automation Studio™. Also, when questions arise, they are always answered in a quick and competent way by Famic Technologies’ support team. For these reasons, I can recommend this software with a clear conscience."

"DUX Machinery Corporation, a manufacturer of underground mobile equipment, has been using successfully Automation Studio™ for 10 years already.
We found this software an excellent tool to generate fast diagrams, hydraulics and electrical schematics to be used internally for production and for our products catalog. Also, it allows us to generate in an efficient way the BOM required for production.
The team of Famic Technologies is always ready to help to solve any challenge we face while using this software.
It has a valuable return on investment and we recommend other companies to work with Automation Studio™."

"APT specialization is in providing custom hydraulic courses for its customers who are primarily in the mining sector. And, for over 10 years, APT Specialist Hydraulics & Training has been providing Hydraulic Training and Engineering services in Australia. Key services include System Design, System Analysis & Validation and Training. (...)
APT uses Automation Studio™ to simulate hydraulic systems and demonstrate how the circuit works – without the need to teach students how symbols work. The animation of flow and pressure and valves moving give a clear picture of what is happening in the circuit. (...)
Students who struggle with schematic reading instantly develop an understanding of what is going on. “What if” scenarios are easily answered by changing settings or component on the screen and observing the simulation results in real time.
Moreover, using Automation Studio™ allows APT to rapidly develop system training for customers using schematics provided. The Simulation Troubleshooting Tools allow fault modes to be entered for components and make available diagnostic tools to allow students to safely practice troubleshooting without exposure to the hazards of hot or high pressure fluids.
Training classes are more streamlined using the Automation Studio™ Project Explorer. All courseware is organised into a logical order and everything is run from Automation Studio™. Links to external files such as PowerPoint presentations and component data sheets are also easily accessible."

"Automation StudioTM was the best software for our projects.
After evaluating a few options available on the market, we came to the conclusion that Automation StudioTM was the best software to achieve objectives on these projects. Automation StudioTM makes it easier to understand, deepening knowledge, exploring options for design, principle and troubleshooting of industrial hydraulic system to achieve best performance of hydraulic system."