Automation Studio Professional Edition Software by Famic Technologies

Block Diagram - Math

Block Diagram simulation with Automation Studio Professional Edition software

The Block Diagram is a graphical environment workshop that allows to create mathematical models of dynamic behaviour for all technologies, control algorithms and custom components.

Mathematical Modelling

By combining different block components available in this library, users have the freedom to create specific mathematical models to represent the behaviour of any technology. Using this modelling capability, you can create custom components that will enrich models of all workshops. 
A more in-depth simulation can also be accomplished by modelling physical phenomena such as air resistance, friction, slippage, etc.

Control Algorithms

The Block Diagram Workshop allows to create and test control loops with multi-technology systems. As such, users can observe the effects of modifying algorithm parameters on the machine’s characteristics. This helps better understand system behaviour for complex applications, improve performance and prevent issues ahead of time.