Automation Studio Professional Edition Software by Famic Technologies

Workflow and

Digital electronics simulation with Automation Studio Professional Edition software


The Automation Studio™ workflow module allows the creation and customization of high quality interactive training and technical publications content, monitor events, control actions within your project, and much more.
Some example features of Workflow include starting or stopping the simulation at a preset step or upon receiving an input from the user, adding text-to-speech, displaying images, questions, and much more. The workflow module is the ideal tool for the creation of interactive training material.
In fact, the Teachware exercises, which we provide to all customers having an active Maintenance Plan, are made using the Workflow module.


The Teachware provides course materials for various technologies. Automation Studio™ offers guides, lectures, animations and lab notes for all levels of discipline. Unlike other teachware made using multimedia sequences, course content offered by Automation Studio™ is interactive and animated live by the software’s simulation.