Automation Studio Professional Edition Software by Famic Technologies

packaging industry  digital twin of packaging systems


packaging conveyor  digital twin of packaging systems


packaging industry  digital twin of packaging systems


Automation Studio™ allows you to design, simulate and analyze the various multi-technology aspects of your automated or semi-automated handling and processing systems.

Types of Machines

  • Packaging Systems
  • Bottling Systems
  • Conveyers
  • Automation
  • Industrial Robots...

Automation Studio™ allows you to :

Design and simulate all your machine technologies

The software is suitable for the design of automated packaging machines that include systems from various technologies such as pneumatics, hydraulics, power electricity, control electricity, programming and others. Automation Studio™ allows you to draw all your diagrams on a single platform and simulate the operation of the systems individually or in a completely integrated way.

Reduce start-up time with PLC sequence testing via OPC

An important task when designing an automated system is the programming of the automation, hence the usefulness of Automation Studio™ in validating control sequences (using a virtual operating part) without waiting for the machine to be completely assembled in order to detect potential problems as early as possible in the design process. This will increase efficiency and productivity by reducing the duration of your projects. The OPC client/server module allows programmers to interface their PLC with Automation Studio™ to validate with the virtual operating part. It provides an opportunity to try several scenarios simply, quickly and without risk to the material.

Adjust and optimize operating parameters to increase machine efficiency

A packaging machine must perform a maximum number of cycles per minute in order to be cost effective. To maximize the efficiency of a machine, Automation Studio™ offers the opportunity to dynamically modify and adjust all your machine settings during the simulation. This feature allows you to determine, in record time, the optimal parameters to minimize cycle time.

Reduce energy consumption

Energy consumption is a significant expense for a manufacturing company. Automation Studio™ component sizing module allows you to automatically calculate component operating parameters to optimize overall performance. Dynamic measuring instruments allow you to directly obtain the energy consumption of your system in simulation.

Facilitate project documentation and knowledge transfer

Automation Studio™ allows you to quickly update and store schematics of all your circuits in a single software package. With hyperlink functions, you can attach text, image, audio and video files to all components. These files make it easy to retain the knowledge of your experienced people. All you have to do is produce a video from your most experienced technician who explains and demonstrates how to replace a pneumatic valve and attach this video to that valve on the corresponding diagram so that everyone who consults these plans have access to this valuable information.