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Complete Solution to Optimize Your Production.

The Power of Industry 4.0 at Your Fingertips

Andon Studio™ lets you monitor your productivity in real-time, optimize your operations and manage your processes. Make the most of Industry 4.0 potential by acquiring, sharing and using your data to improve your productivity and strengthen your continuous improvement initiatives.


Andon Studio™ Professional Edition Features

Data acquisition with Andon Studio™

Data Acquisition

Exchange data bi-directionally with your equipment and systems: production machines, controllers/PLCs, smart sensors, databases, software and more, thanks to the communication interface integrated in the software.

service request management with Andon Studio

Service Request Management

Manage service requests by a configurable process that can be initiated periodically, manually or automatically, from different controller signals. Manage a service request by this function according to their configuration: maintenance, repair, logistics, engineering, and quality, just to name a few.

real time monitoring of operations and production with Andon Studio

Real-Time Production/Operation Monitoring

Visualize in real-time the status of equipment and operations, process status and key performance indicators through a centralized, precise and straightforward display.

Work Process Management with Andon Studio

Work Process Management

Configure your own processes through a user-friendly graphical interface that allows you to draw the process’s workflow diagram and easily configure each of its steps and transitions.

Internet of Things with Andon Studio

Internet of Things (IoT/IIoT)

Connect your equipment, devices and infrastructure to the Internet of Things to take advantage of the full potential of your cloud network.

alerts and notifications with Andon Studio

Alerts and Notifications

Set up your alerts and notifications to send and receive information through the preferred means of communication of each assigned person. It is possible to configure automatic escalations in case of no or delayed response to an alert.

Precise Identification of Stop Reasons with Andon Studio

Precise Identification of Stop Reasons

Standard reasons for stops by machine type are detected and communicated automatically to the responders. They can also comment or modify it.

inspection and quality with Andon Studio

Inspection and Quality

Customize your digital inspection forms and their activation requirements in order to use them in a quality processes.

custom reports generation with Andon Studio

Custom Reports Generation

In addition to the reports already provided, you can add your own custom reports in a graphical, text and/or tabular format. You can also share them very easily.

go paperless with Andon Studio

Go Paperless

Design and integrate into processes configurable digital forms with activation conditions. Attach photos and comments to them.

categorization and access to documentation with Andon Studio

Categorization and Access to Documentation

Whether it's work instructions, troubleshooting documents, procedures or any other type of documentation, Andon Studio™ allows you to create custom categories and to classify all your documentation accordingly. It is possible to use text files, audio files, videos, links, etc. Access to this documentation is provided through the configured rights.

data logging with Andon Studio

Data Logging

Save important data related to various events and activities are saved in a centralized database in order to preserve a history, thus ensuring optimal traceability.


Solution Characteristics

user friendly icon


The ease of use is the main asset that guides the development of Andon Studio™  to simplify your daily tasks and save you a lot of time.

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All the modules are available à la carte; make your choice today and keep the ability to customize your version according to your future needs.

configurable icon


Whether you want to use sites, production lines, equipment, personnel, parts, processes, forms, messages, display zones or any other entity, Andon Studio™ adapts to your needs and corporate culture.

global icon


Your needs in production, operations, maintenance, logistics, quality and continuous improvement are covered. No need to have multiple tools!

comunicative icon


With personalized information management, you have access to all relevant data at the right time.

tangible icon


Quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses to take control of different situations and all the appropriate measures.

multilingual icon


The multilingual interface allows all your employees to work in their native language on an international scale.

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Work in an exclusively digital environment by choosing Andon Studio™.


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Wins and Benefits

  • Improved overall productivity by increasing production time, resource uptime and effective communication time.
  • Process compliance assurance and extended flexibility for updates to meet your needs, regardless of how they evolve.
  • Continuous improvement by highlighting your strengths and weaknesses in all services/departments managed by the solution.
  • Decision support, thanks to the accuracy of the information collected, calculated and/or communicated in real time.

  • Reliable and exhaustive traceability of the production, operations and actions of the various contributors.
  • Improved knowledge of the various contributors and reduced reliance on specialized resources, thanks to the documentation module that allows sharing any document, procedure, video or other training and development material.
  • Minimized expense of management tools by bundling into one software.