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Andon Studio™ meets your Industry 4.0 learning needs in industrial engineering, operations management, business processes and quality. It enables a better understanding of notions, concepts and the applications of industrial digitization.
Flexible, easy to use, modular and configurable, Andon Studio™ is a unique training solution. It simplifies the complexity of learning, making it an engaging and interactive activity for both teacher and student.


Andon Studio™ Educational Features

data acquisition with Andon Studio

Data Acquisition

Andon Studio™ interacts with your lab equipment and tools through a standardized OPC communication interface. This allows the student to access, analyze and use that data for the purpose of supervision, control and interaction in an industrial context.

service request management with Andon Studio

Service Request Management

Configure your service requests according to different criteria: manual launch, automatic launch, periodicity, etc.

real time monitoring of operations and production with Andon Studio

Real-Time Production/Operation Monitoring

Visualize in real-time the status of equipment, operations and processes as well as key performance indicators in order to determine how to calculate them, the effect of each applied parameter, and to have access to the traceability of actions and events.

Work Process Management with Andon Studio

Work Process Management

Learn how to configure different business processes and how to use them. Create your own process via a graphical interface to draw the process’s workflow diagram and set each of its activities and conditions.

Internet of Things with Andon Studio

Internet of Things (IoT/IIoT)

Connect your equipment, devices and infrastructure to the Internet of Things so that you can become familiar with the concept, apply it in a lab, and learn more about its use and potential.

alerts and notifications with Andon Studio

Alerts and Notifications

Send and receive the desired information in the form of alerts and notifications for each type of request. Highlight the importance of speed and efficiency in information sharing that is at the heart of Industry 4.0.

Precise Identification of Stop Reasons with Andon Studio

Precise Identification of Stop Reasons

Standard stop reasons by machine type can be configured by the students. During a lab with physical or virtual equipment, stop reasons are detected and automatically communicated to the students; they can update or modify them. This allows a better understanding of the different possible reasons and how to standardize them.

inspection and quality with Andon Studio

Inspection and Quality

Customize your digital forms and their activation requirements before integrating them into the processes to improve students’ understanding of the quality process.

custom reports generation with Andon Studio

Custom Reports Generation

Add your custom reports in graphical, text or table format to pre-existing reports, to train learners on a wide variety of reports and information to analyze.

go paperless with Andon Studio

Go Paperless

Design and integrate into processes digital forms with activation conditions. Attach Photos and comments to them. Students will understand the importance of digitalization and will practice it.

categorization and access to documentation with Andon Studio

Categorization and Access to Documentation

Access data of connected machines, procedures, reports, and all types of documentation to familiarize yourself with the different types of specialized documents, and practice working on a paperless environment in line with the current Industry 4.0 digital era.

data logging with Andon Studio

Data Logging

Save important data related to various events and activities in a centralized database in order to preserve a history, thus ensuring optimal traceability. Students will practice doing post-mortem analysis and will learn the importance of historical data.


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Discover How Andon Studio™ Responds to Your Programs and Courses

Industrial Engineering with Andon Studio

Industrial Engineering

  • Manufacturing methods: just-in-time, Kanban, push or pull flows
  • Configuration and implementation of industrial processes
  • Different industrial services and interactions between them
  • Operations management
  • Integration with the ecosystem
Industry 4.0 with Andon Studio

Industry 4.0

  • Concepts and tools of Industry 4.0
  • Interoperability, connection and communication
  • Digitalization and digital ecosystem
  • Cloud Technologies and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Supervision and real-time calculation
  • Integration of new processes
  • Different services under 4.0
  • Analysis of the potential of 4.0
  • Cyber Hybrid Factory (CHP)
Continuous Improvement with Andon Studio

Continuous Improvement

  • Quality functions in the company
  • Performance indicators
  • Quality process
  • Configuration, activation and filling of inspection forms
  • Methods of improvement: Poka-Yoke, Kaizen, etc.
  • Creation of quality improvement processes

Wins and Benefits


  • Offer more comprehensive training with applications and practices.
  • Create online training environments in line with Industry 4.0, using specialized software.
  • Be flexible and able to adapt and personalize the training content, providing a more global offer.
  • Make the training environment available to students and companies.
  • Create a skilled workforce.


  • Rely on a realistic training environment, representative of the Industry 4.0 requirements.
  • Have the flexibility they want in their teaching methods.
  • Explain the concepts easily.
  • Reproduce any type or scenario of desired operations within a plant.
  • Adapt training to the real needs of the trainees.
  • Cover the needs of different departments with the same tool: production, operation, design, maintenance and management.


  • Master the concept and notions of industrial engineering and of Industry 4.0 in a realistic and comprehensive environment, including operations, maintenance, logistics and management.
  • Become familiar with agile production methods based on flexible, automated and interconnected units.
  • Work with the main technological tools used in the context of Industry 4.0.
  • Train in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Try an unlimited number of scenarios / exercises.
  • Configure and set up various processes.
  • Learn how to do post-mortem analysis for continuous improvement.