• Automation Studio Professional Edition
    Automation Studio™ Professional
    Design and simulate hydraulic, pneumatic,
    electrical and automation systems
  • Automation Studio™ Educational Edition
    Automation Studio™ Educational
    Train future engineers and technicians on
    hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and PLC systems
  • Andon Studio software
    Andon Studio™
    Optimize your production with
    this complete smart factory solution
  • Automation Studio Live Manifold
    Automation Studio™ Live Manifold
    Quickly design, quote and prototype
    hydraulic manifolds
  • Industrial Computing solutions
    Industrial Computing Solutions
    Easily follow plant activities. Implement
    custom solutions to help monitor and
    command production equipment

Famic Technologies

At Famic Technologies, we are dedicated to deliver trade-oriented software solutions that make a difference for users in terms of intuitiveness and productivity. Our research and development activities focus on fluid power, electrical engineering, industrial automation and custom software development. Innovation, quality and performance have always been the cornerstones of the company. It has led to the development of Automation Studio™, a world-renowned software for multi-technology system design and simulation, and Andon Studio™, a leading Industry 4.0 solution for real-time monitoring of productivity and optimization of manufacturing operations.

Automation Studio™ Professional Edition is an intuitive trade-oriented software used to design, simulate and document any types of machine systems. Easily create hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and automation schematics. Combine all necessary technologies to analyze, validate and troubleshoot the complete system in simulation mode.

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Automation Studio™ Educational Edition is the perfect tool to teach and train future engineers and technicians on key mechatronics concepts. Create and animate basic circuits for any technology, have students simulate and analyze complete systems and test their comprehension with custom exercises.
Includes online remote access for teachers and students.

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Andon Studio™ is a smart factory solution to help improve productivity. With its modular functions and simple interface, Andon Studio™ is the ideal platform for real-time monitoring of production and for optimizing operations. Stay connected with every machine and team member to increase ROI and better manage unexpected situations.

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Our Services

Famic provides consultancy services to help factories stay connected with their entire production equipment. With a solid expertise in industrial computing and core skills in automation, we can implement custom solutions to help monitor and command PLCs along with other production equipment, all from one common interface. Workers will
be able to quickly access important data directly from their desktop or mobile, making
it easy to follow plant activities.

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