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         Automation StudioTM

Professionals using Automation Studio in an office

Famic Technologies invests every possible effort to ensure client satisfaction. Over the past thirty plus years, our team has been helping our customers all over the world in their Automation Studio™ projects throughout its entire lifecycle. Whether it is for engineering, training, application specific assistance or Automation Studio™ customization, we have what it takes to support your organization with our rich pool of engineering specialists who can fulfill your needs in order to make the implementation and deployment of your project a great success.

We adopt a global view to every project. By doing so, we extend the scope of our work beyond that of a limited intervention. Our project plan and the documentation we produce is a solid foundation for the integration of new features in the future. It becomes therefore easier for customers to adapt their systems to the expanding needs that come from fast pace technological changes.


Andon Studio™

Worker using Andon Studio™

Our team is available to support you throughout the complete Andon Studio™ deployment process. We also offer additional consulting, support and/or customization services to ensure that Andon Studio™ best meets the specific needs of each company, regardless of its size and scope of operations:

  • Deploying and securing Andon Studio™ system in collaboration with the customer’s IT team (on premises or cloud solution).
  • System configuration and customization.
  • Consulting and assistance for machine data collection.
  • Consulting and support in the transition to Enterprise 4.0.
  • Development of custom functions and features.
  • Training for users and administrators.