At Famic Technologies, we are dedicated
to deliver trade-oriented software solutions! 

Since its foundation in 1986, Famic Technologies has been offering a complete range of high-end products and services in the field of software engineering and industrial automation. Innovation, quality and performance have been the company cornerstones. Famic Technologies has always been one step ahead, especially with the development of Automation Studio™, the innovative system design and simulation software originally meant for education and training on fluid power systems, and which is now used throughout the industry in system design, engineering, maintenance, service and training.


Team of Experienced Engineers and Software Specialists

Our team gathers 95 experienced engineers and software specialists in all fields of activity: hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical and automation. Hence, they can analyze our customers’ needs and help them develop a strategic solution to enhance their efficiency and return on investment. Our expertise helps us anticipate eventual problems and elaborate ways to optimize the project’s efficiency. Our contribution goes beyond providing software solutions to include planning and documentation. We also provide system integration and consulting services to better serve our customers.


Commitment for Quality

In 1995, Famic Technologies was among the first Canadian companies to see its continuous efforts in research and quality control rewarded with an ISO 9001 certification. A reflection of the stringent criteria set by clients worldwide, their recognition allowed Famic Technologies to consolidate its approach to software engineering, which is based on international standards such as DOD, IEEE, CEI and SEI. Today, all processes of the company (Industrial Automation, CAD and Simulation Software, Software Consulting Services and Block Manifold Configurators) are certified ISO 9001:2015 to ensure:

  • Complete adherence to clients’ expectations
  • Quality and reliable solutions
  • End-user satisfaction

    ISO 9001:2015 Certificate ISO9001_2015



Designing Trade-Oriented Tools

At Famic Technologies, we believe in contributing to technical progress by optimizing every project, whether related to fluid power, electrical engineering, industrial automation or custom software development. Our research and development activities are dedicated to deliver trade-oriented, intuitive software solutions that will improve our users' productivity.