Automation Studio Professional Edition Software by Famic Technologies


Automation Studio Professional Edition software OPC and Canbus connectivity


Different methods are available to connect Automation Studio™ to third party hardware and software.

OPC Connectivity

OPC (Open Connectivity) gives you the advantage of Open Standards. Automation Studio™ can be connected to external devices such as controllers, PLCs, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical equipment.

With the OPC Client module, you can exchange data with any other PLC or control device when a compatible OPC Server is available. Once you have installed the OPC Server for the device of your choice, simply map the address and turn Automation Studio™ into a versatile I/O simulator or a Soft-PLC.

Automation Studio™ supports "Data Access" OPC Interface, optimizing transfers and offering the ability to connect to multiple OPC Servers simultaneously. Moreover, the OPC Client module supports offline configuration as well as visual status on every configuration element.

CAN bus

Thanks to CAN bus communication, any compatible controller can be connected to Automation Studio™ to create a virtual environment in order to design, validate, train and troubleshoot at a fraction of current costs. Likewise, you can also create complete virtual machines and control them in a realistic manner. This, in turn, helps to disseminate knowledge of electronic controls to all personnel involved in equipment maintenance.


The API module allows you to bind Automation Studio™ functions and variables to third party software which enable co-simulation. Possibilities are virtually limitless with the API module. For example, some companies use it to connect Automation Studio™ to their PLM suite.