Pneumatic Equations Calculator

The Pneumatic Equations Calculator available online will allow you to calculate pneumatic components operational parameters to achieve circuits’ expected performances. An extensive set of equations is available at your fingertips to size components available in the Main Pneumatic Library. Examples are shown below.

To name a few:

  • Double-acting cylinders: Determine size by calculating the average speed in extension and retraction, the extend pressure, the piston side and rod side area.
  • Gas-loaded accumulators: Determine size by calculating the relative pre-charge pressure, the total volume and the stored pneumatic energy for both isothermal and polytropic processes.
  • Compressors: Determine size by calculating the shaft input power based on torque and rated speed.
  • Pneumatic motors: Calculate displacement, actual inlet flow and shaft output power.
  • Orifice: Calculate flow rate and even the flow coefficient Cv.