Given the diversity of technical knowledge and levels of expertise, the use of a tool to visualize, monitor and accurately simulate the actual system behaviour, represents a major asset for a better understanding of its operation and troubleshooting techniques.

  • Generic training
  • Machine type specific training

Seamless Synergy from Engineering to Training with Great Cost-Savings

Project documentation created by an Engineering Department can be reused by Training and Technical Publications departments, thus reducing the burden on instructors to redesign schematics and draw expensive training illustrations. Instead they can focus on concepts that need to be illustrated.

Online Training

Automation Studio™ is SCORM compliant and allows you to easily integrate it into your Learning Management System (LMS). You also benefit from a remote access licence connection for trainers and trainees. For example, you can prepare your courses and trainings from home or workplace.

Create Dynamic, Animated, and Flexible Training Material

Automation Studio™ allows the creation of comprehensive and high-level training material. Thanks to the recording feature, you can generate countless operation sequences to illustrate equipment behaviour and help trainees quickly and easily understand machine operation and troubleshooting procedures.