System Validation & Simulation

Designers can monitor the actual circuit operation and find potential design flaws. This helps validate systems, save time in prototyping phase, and find faults at an early stage in equipment design.


Dynamic and Realistic Simulation in Full Colour

Automation Studio™ simulation capabilities meet the requirements of all supported technologies. During simulation, components become animated and lines are colour-coded according to their states. You can also monitor variables such as pressure, flow, displacement, current, and voltage at any point in a circuit.

Flexible Simulation Parameters

The default simulation parameters supplied with the components eliminate the need to perform initial setup. Simply insert your components and start the simulation. At any time during simulation, you can adjust component parameters and manually control just about any device.

Partial List of Simulated Phenomena

  • Laminar and turbulent flow
  • Dynamic and hydrostatic pressure
  • Pressure drop based on flow type
  • Fluid viscosity based on temperature and pressure
  • Fluid compressibility based on Bulk Modulus and pressure level
  • Cavitation based on vapour pressure of the oil
  • Heat exchange based on isothermal, polytrophic and adiabatic transformation
  • Multi-fluid system
  • Motor and pump volumetric and total efficiency
  • Very high pressure system (›5000 Bar)
  • Voltage, current, power, frequency, phase
  • Resistive, inductive and capacitive effect
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Steady-state

System Analysis Tools

Various monitoring tools are available to analyse, verify, and record your operational system behaviour with:

  • Simulation modes
  • Multi-document simulation
  • Layer simulation
  • Dynamic measuring instruments
  • Hydraulic tester
  • Thermometer
  • Pressure and flow gauge
  • Numerical snapshot
  • Open path detection
  • Component repair
  • Plotter
  • Recorder
  • Multimeter
  • Faulty component highlight
  • Oscilloscope
  • Log reports

Adjustable Simulation Pace

Easily select the simulation time step from 10 milliseconds to 0.1 milliseconds (10 kHz) allowing for customizable simulation ranging from a complete system simulation to a component-level analysis.