Automation Studio™ Professional Edition

automation studio
New Features
• Sequence diagram
• Functional Groups Manager
• Additional simulation paces
• Link with Unity 3D
• Compressible Fluids
• Mechanical links

A Complete Project/Product Lifecycle Solution

Automation Studio™ pushes the boundaries of innovation and widens the gap against any other system design software available in the industry. Automation Studio™ is already known for being the unique design & simulation solution covering all project/machine technologies including hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical, controls, HMI, and communications. It is very easy to combine these various technologies in order to design, document and simulate complete systems.

Automation Studio™ is for engineers and specialists in:

  • Fluid Power
  • Electrical
  • Automation
  • automation studio Grafcet editor opc plc sfc sps hmi software

Collaborate for Better Efficiency

Automation Studio™ is a collaborative multi-user environment allowing you to safely share your projects with customers, suppliers, and colleagues.

  • Safe project and data sharing
  • Centralized access right management
  • Flexible event logging
  • LAN/WAN licence management and usage statistics
  • Real time synchronization of project views

Access Rights Manager

As a project owner, you can define permissions to grant to other users including access to specific:

  • Objects such as documents, diagrams, and resources
  • Functions such as read, write, simulate, etc.


LAN WAN Licenses Management automation studio

Event Log Manager

Multiple event logs along with flexible filtering capabilities
are available for the user or administrator including:

  • License usage log
  • Project event log
  • Automation Studio™ client and server log
  • Event Explorer


access right manager automation studio



Integrate Automation Studio™ into your Workspace

Automation Studio™ offers powerful ways of supporting your expanding needs in terms of interface personalization and data exchange with other corporate applications.

  • A modern user interface
  • Ability to modify and add functions such as dialogues, user interfaces, and ribbon bars
  • Link to your corporate applications such as PDM, ERP, 3D CAD, etc.
  • Link external processes or scripts to Automation Studio™ events
  • Access to all Automation Studio™ variables
automation studio workflow


Automate your work processes or tasks, create high
quality interactive training content and technical publications, monitor events, control actions within your project, etc.
These are just some of the capabilities offered by the Automation Studio™ Workflow module through a high level user interface.

Integration with Corporate Applications

Thanks to the Application Programming Interfaces (API) and scripting language, you have access to a new level of application integration:

  • Access Automation Studio™ functions normally available through menus
  • Overload standard functions
  • Customize the user's interface
  • Develop new applications by reusing Automation Studio™ functions
applications automation studio integration

Automation Studio™ Extensibility

With Automation Studio™, you can run your own scripts, which affects the software’s runtime behaviour and data; this is called Automation Studio™ extensibility. The extensibility feature allows a third party to manipulate Automation Studio™ runtime data model and process flow using a scripting language or .NET Interface.

Scripting Overview

By using .NET languages, a script writer can interface, augment, and redirect functions as well as manipulate data within the software’s model and provides this information to an external process.




Customize your Workspace

Build your own interface on top of Automation Studio™ to personalize your workspace and simplify the day-to-day use, automate actions and save time.




customization workspace automation studio

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