Automation Studio Professional Edition Software by Famic Technologies

Create, Analyze, Troubleshoot and Validate Multi-technology Circuits.

New Version P8

What's New in Automation Studio™ P8

Automation Studio™ P8 - Professional Edition represents a significant leap forward in the field of design and simulation of multi-technology systems. It has been meticulously crafted by our team of experts, drawing on their deep understanding of the evolving needs and challenges faced by professionals in today's fast-paced technological landscape, especially with the higher level of electrification of fluid power components and equipment. It also places greater emphasis on features required for the design of hydraulic manifold blocks, training and technical publications. See What's New!

All-in-One Intuitive Software Solution for
Increased Engineering Productivity

Automation Studio™ provides a user-friendly platform with access to built-in component libraries to help accelerate your design process. With integrated simulation capabilities, we make it easy to quickly animate, analyze and validate your systems’ performance.
All technologies can be linked together to create and simulate an entire machine.

A complete project/product lifecycle solution to optimize your entire workflow

Automation Studio™ is a unique design and simulation software covering all project/machine technologies including fluid power, electrical, controls, HMI and communications through the entire product lifecycle. It helps to easily combine these various technologies in order to design, document and simulate complete systems.

Hydraulic Manifold Block Module

Create your hydraulic circuits using manufacturers' catalogues.
Create the boundary of your Manifold block and manage manifold connection ports.
With one click of a button, launch the Manifold Block module.
Quickly auto-create numerous manifold solutions based on custom preferences.
Manage preferences such as: materials, positioning, clearances, hole closures, drill sets, drilling rules, price lists, etc.
Create custom cavities, patterns, engravings, mounting holes, ports, and more.
Simulate 3D hydraulic manifolds to analyze pressure drops, flows and more.
Automatically create reports: technical drawings, production drawings, etc.


See How Automation Studio™ Fits Your Industry

Increase your productivity and reduce
product time-to-market

Whether you are involved in the design, training, sales, production or maintenance, Automation Studio™ can help your organization by improving quality, speeding up workflow and boosting productivity while simultaneously reducing costs and enhancing all aspects of project communication.

System Design & Engineering


Draw Your Schematics in No Time Using Automation StudioTM

  • Gain access to a complete set of libraries for fast & accurate design
  • Size your components to meet your design requirements
  • Use pre-configured manufacturers’ products to significantly reduce prototyping time
  • Manage your circuit easily by creating layers, modifying line functions and adding linked references
System design and engineering in Automation Studio Professional Edition software

System Validation & Simulation

System validation and simulation in Automation Studio Professional Edition software


Monitor the Efficiency and Safety of Your Design in Operation

  • Start simulation early to optimize design and component selection
  • Validate your design using simulation with realistic animation
  • Analyze system behaviour using different analytical tools: dynamic Measuring Instruments, plotters, etc.

Testing & Commissioning


Validate Your Final Design Through Simulation and Automated Testing

  • Perform risk analysis through component failure simulation
  • Test your PLC with your virtual system using a standardized OPC connection
  • Test the limits of your system to validate your component choice
Testing and comissioning with Automation Studio Professional Edition software

 Project Documentation

project documention and BOM with Automation Studio Professional Edition software


Centralize All Documentation Within Your Projects to Increase Productivity and Reduce Data Entry Errors

  • Standardize your documents at all levels using your corporate templates
  • Generate various types of dynamic reports: BOM, wire and cable lists, purchase lists, etc.  
  • Export schematics and documents in various formats (PDF, DXF, TIFF) or simply share your design in read-only mode using the free Automation Studio™ - Viewer Edition
  • Connect with third-party solutions (PLM, ERP)

Technical and Machine-Oriented Training


Create a Variety of Lessons Focused on Understanding Your Machine's Systems

  • Demonstrate concepts, behaviour of individual components, functions up to the complete machine
  • Add HMI and 2D/3D animations to build an interactive training environment
  • Help trainees master operations and troubleshooting techniques before going hands-on

Maintenance and Diagnostics

Maintenance troubleshooting and diagnostic with Automation Studio Professional Edition software


Sharpen Your Maintenance Team's Skills

  • Create a real-life troubleshooting environment to easily perform "what-if" scenarios
  • Trigger built-in component failures and analyze the impact on the system
  • Reduce equipment downtime by performing quicker diagnostics and troubleshooting

Technical Publications


Easily and quickly create high quality meaningful contents for technical publications to support any delivery method

  • Trade oriented tools to help you create high quality drawings in all technologies compliant with applicable international standards
  • Use layers, hyperlinks, tooltips, highlights features, virtual measuring instruments, etc. to illustrate the behaviour of specific functions and to better communicate all aspects of the circuits of your machine
  • Use the simulation to produce animated partial or complete views combining different technologies into a single document
  • Insert texts, CAD objects, images, videos, etc. into your schematics to create complete documented circuits
  • Create interactive service manuals with references to component specifications
  • Use standards and templates to quickly convert engineering drawings into technical publications for training and maintenance
  • Create your schematics once and deliver them in the customers required language using the Translation Manager tool without duplication
Technical publications with Automation Studio Professional software

Sales Support

Sales Support with Automation Studio professional edition software


Your essential trade-oriented set of tools to quickly prototype solution concepts and to deliver outstanding presentations to your customers.

  • Quickly implement your customers’ needs into comprehensive prototype
  • Save valuable communication time by showing your customers how your proof of concept responds to their needs
  • Adjust your prototype live with your customers to fit the performance requirements of their systems
  • Use the simulation and animation features to easily visualize and make the explanation of technical concepts accessible to your audience
  • Your Automation Studio™ prototype is the digital twin of the target solution: No need to write elaborate text to explain the technical aspects – it is self-explainable


Automation Studio™ Professional Edition - Features

Automation Studio™ offers a unique combination of user-friendly system design features, advanced engineering capabilities, dynamic and realistic simulation, comprehensive animation features and flexible documentation functions in one common environment.
It brings a new dimension that allows manufacturers, OEMs and end-users to optimize system implementation, deployment and maintenance.

Automation Studio Professional software features overview ISO symbols libraries

Design Your Manifold Block Schematic

You first create your machine in the Automation Studio™ schematic workspace using components from manufacturers’ catalogues. These components already contain all the parameters necessary for the simulation, but also specific data required in a manifold block design such as cavities, connection ports, 3D geometries, etc.

Automation Studio Professional software features overview ISO symbols libraries

Choose From Thousands of Symbols

Comprehensive sets of libraries with ISO compliant components that can be used to design and simulate a wide array of projects related to hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical and control technologies.

link between technologies simulated in Automation Studio Professional Edition software

Link Between All Technologies

All technologies can be linked together in order to create a complete system with accurate behaviour during simulation.

component configuration in Automation Studio Professional Edition software

Component Configuration

All components are pre-configured by default, enabling a faster design ready to simulate. Users are able to adjust the components parameters and get the desired effect during simulation. Create and configure valves, cylinders, motors, etc., to obtain components compliant to your real machine performances.

dynamic measuring tools in Automation Studio Professional Edition software

Dynamic Measuring Tool

Virtual Measuring Instruments can be placed directly on the components to precisely measure in real-time a wide range of parameters that can also be recorded and viewed in the plotter.

component sizing in Automation Studio Professional Edition software

Component Sizing

Calculation worksheets are provided for hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical components, which include calculation tools provided with applicable equations and parameter definitions.

digital twin simulation of an excavator with Automation Studio software

Digital Twin

Your Automation Studio™ schematics can be linked to third party software and hardware. For example, link your schematic to a Unity 3D environment in order to add a touch of realism into your Virtual Twin.

Manufacturers' Catalogues in Automation studio

Manufacturers' Catalogues

Get unlimited access to preconfigured & ready to simulate hydraulics and pneumatics components from renowned manufacturers, for a faster design with accurate simulation and complete documentation.

Find Out More

Automation Studio™ Viewer edition

Automation Studio™ Viewer

Share your schematics within your organization and clients with the Automation Studio™ - Viewer. This free application allows the opening of projects originally created using Automation Studio™ Professional or Educational, in read-only mode. It can display schematics for any technology with components' tooltips, references and highlight links. View and print schematics, plotter curves from the original project, as well as various reports.