Automation StudioTM — From Engineering Your Systems to Effective Machine-Based Training

(Las Vegas, NV, USA) September 27, 2016 – Originally published in Mining Industry News 

With tough times persisting in the mining industry, manufacturers and OEMs need to bring effective changes in their work process in order to increase productivity and reduce unnecessary costs. To achieve this goal, Famic Technologies recommends the implementation of tools that will optimize all aspects of a product/project’s lifecycle: system design, simulation, documentation, training, troubleshooting, etc. 

Exceeding Automation Training Requirements with Real-World Simulation

(Montreal, Quebec) October 6th, 2015 

We are seeing an increase in demand for qualified technicians particularly within mechatronics and industrial automation. Schools who offer programs in these fields need to invest in large amounts of resources to train their students on the latest technologies used in these industries. Even with dedicated investment, students have difficulties understanding systems’ behaviours as they lack experimentation.

Enhance the Performance of Your Production Lines

(Montreal, Quebec) October 2nd, 2015 

Keep your Operations under Control

To maximize their performance, manufacturers need to implement on an ongoing basis continuous improvement processes (CIP), and find ways to reduce waste. Several approaches may be considered. Lean management has been offering for several years an effective approach to optimize the planning of the logistic flow by reviewing the sequencing and time management of activities.