Automation StudioTM — From Engineering Your Systems to Effective Machine-Based Training

(Las Vegas, NV, USA) September 27, 2016 – Originally published in Mining Industry News 

With tough times persisting in the mining industry, manufacturers and OEMs need to bring effective changes in their work process in order to increase productivity and reduce unnecessary costs. To achieve this goal, Famic Technologies recommends the implementation of tools that will optimize all aspects of a product/project’s lifecycle: system design, simulation, documentation, training, troubleshooting, etc. 

Automation StudioTM E6.2 Interactive Lab Exercises

(Montreal, Quebec) October 4, 2016 

Famic Technologies Inc. has developed libraries of interactive lab exercises with its design and simulation software Automation StudioTM Educational 6.2. These exercises are available for hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical technologies to test students’ knowledge retention level.