Automation Studio Professional Edition Software by Famic Technologies

oil and gas oil platform  digital twin of an offshore crane simulated

Oil & Gas

oil and gas blowout preventer stack-BOP  digital twin of an offshore crane simulated

Oil & Gas

oil and gas harbour crane  digital twin of an offshore crane simulated

Oil & Gas

oil and gas-gas rig  digital twin of an offshore crane simulated

Oil & Gas

Automation Studio™ is the perfect tool for the Oil & Gas exploration sector to represent, for example, the risks of failure and the optimization of your equipment through the simulation of intelligent schematics.

Our software will also allow you to design, model, validate and integrate one or all the functions of your machines, such as:

  • Blowout preventer (BOP)
  • Heave compensator
  • Harbor crane
  • Winch system
  • Drilling system
  • Underwater vehicle...

Systems in this sector are often used in variable and extreme environments in terms of temperature and pressure (i.e. surface or underwater systems). The ability to create different operating conditions allows you to quickly size and test your drawings and verify that they match the constraints of your industry.

All software features and technologies combined together help you create hypothetical scenarios to improve the machines preventive maintenance and identify the causes of failure that can have significant consequences for the peoples safety, the environment and the facilities.

Through simulation, your equipment is quickly created in virtual models, allowing you to minimize the preparation time for operator equipment training. Animation and simulation capabilities improve the training of your audience, regardless of their level of knowledge, by giving a more visual element to the content presentation (concepts, components, functions, equipment). Automation Studio™ facilitates knowledge transfer and validates learning for faster responses in the event of a failure.