Automation Studio Educational Edition Software by Famic Technologies

Industrial Maintenance

The Industrial Maintenance program prepares students to install, maintain and troubleshoot a variety of industrial applications, such as fluid power systems and industrial electrical control systems.

Automation Studio™’s simulation feature greatly improves teaching and learning of technologies, such as pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical, programmable logic controllers, and others.

Moreover, Automation Studio™ will facilitate students’ skills to locate, identify and interpret schematics, legends, line types, component symbols and bill of materials, enhancing blueprint-reading capabilities.

Create a Digital Twin of your trainer to provide the best virtual environment for students to create, simulate and troubleshoot different systems before moving on to the hardware trainers, filling the gap between theory and practice.

Using the Electrical, PLC, Sequential function chart (SFC) / GRAFCET or Structured Text, students can write the logic to control circuits and pre-made Virtual Systems (traffic lights, conveyor, elevator, pick & place, etc.).

Automation Studio™ also allows exchanging data with real devices, such as PLCs, Arduino™, controllers and more, through OPC, CAN bus, I/O box, etc.