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pneumatic circuit simulated using Automation Studio software

Pneumatics (Electro-Pneumatics)

Compliant with ISO 1219-1:1991/2012 and 1219-2:1991/2012 standards, the Pneumatic library offers preconfigured components required to create, simulate and troubleshoot different systems, making Automation Studio™ the best pneumatic simulator. 

Users also have access to an Illustrated Pneumatic library that enable students to use real looking components to reproduce lab exercises. Using real looking components will improve their connection skills of pneumatic systems.

Users can change any components' parameters to reflect their own applications or assignments. Configure simulation parameters as needed to illustrate the effect on flow and pressure. 

Easily create your custom pneumatic library with required components and circuits specific to an exercise or laboratory. 

Create Digital Twins of your hardware trainers/equipment. Replicate the behaviour of the trainers by matching components’ parameters. Pictures can also be added as a reference for the students. 

Activate component failures with pre-set conditions or manually during simulation using the Troubleshooting feature. 

The Sizing Sheets module provides easy access to applicable equations with parameters’ definition, allowing to size components as needed. 

Content is ready to use for teaching and training on specific pneumatic components and equipment publicly available following OEMs' specifications. Access a wide array of pre-configured components that behave according to OEMs' specifications from the Manufacturers' Catalogues.