Automation Studio Educational Edition Software by Famic Technologies


Electrical circuit simulation with multimeter in Automation Studio software

Electrical AC/DC & Motor Control, Renewable Energy
and Electrical Power(high voltage) - IEC, NEMA, SAE, JIC.

The Electrical library allows to create, simulate and troubleshoot electrical circuits. It offers a wide array of components to create AC/DC and motor control circuits, from basic to advanced. It supports IEC, NEMA, JIC and SAE standards. Realistic measuring tools such as a multimeter, clamp meter and oscilloscope, can be used to reproduce real-life measuring and fault-finding experiences, enhancing student’s troubleshooting skills.

Users also have access to Illustrated Libraries (DC Electrical, Residential Electricity, Renewable Energy) that includes real looking components so students can also create a wiring diagram in complement of the regular ISO Symbols circuit. This greatly helps students transition from the theory to the practice.

Activate component failures by preset conditions or manually during simulation using the troubleshooting feature. Soft Starters & Variable Frequency Drives from manufacturers such as Siemens™, Allen Bradley™, WEG™, etc., are pre-made and ready to simulate.

Users can place a picture of a real component in front of a symbol to create a wiring diagram view. Since the Automation Studio™ symbol is behind the picture, the simulation can still run and measurements can be taken on the circuits. Components can also be stored in the custom library to reproduce the electrical trainer. Ready to use content for teaching and training on specific electrical components and equipment is publicly available following OEMs' specifications from the Manufacturers' Catalogues.