Automation Studio Educational Edition Software by Famic Technologies

Diesel, Agriculture, Heavy Equipment

The Heavy Equipment program focuses on the maintenance and repair of diesel-powered equipment used in industries including agriculture, construction, mining, marine and off-road and over-the-road trucking.

Automation Studio™’s simulation feature of electrical, pneumatics and hydraulics components allows the creation of virtual electrical systems, open or close loop circuits, transmissions, brakes, steering and suspension systems, to enhance the understanding of these systems before the hands-on experience. Cut away animations are available for some hydraulic and pneumatic components.

Simulate and troubleshoot electrical circuits of basic AC/DC circuits, motors, power windows, locks and other electrical systems found in today’s modern trucks. Creating Digital Twins of your hardware equipment will reinforce the understanding of these concepts.

Measuring Instruments allow students to visualize pressure, flow, temperature, viscosity, speed, torque, current, voltage, etc. to better understand leaks, pressure drop and different behaviour of good or faulty systems.

Manufacturers' Catalogues are libraries of components that have been virtually-tested within Automation Studio™ to ensure that the simulations meet manufacturers' (i.e. Eaton, Bosch Rexroth, Wabco, Danfoss, etc.) specifications. Included are virtual test benches for each component to validate the simulation against their real-life behaviour. Product properties, technical data, images, documentation, etc., are also available.

Automation Studio™ also allows exchanging data with real CAN bus devices such as controllers, joysticks, displays, etc.