Automation Studio Professional Edition Software by Famic Technologies


Hydraulic circuit simulated with Automation Studio Professional Edition software

Hydraulics systems are used in industrial and mobile machines. These complex systems are characterized with schematics drawing where each component is represented by its respective symbol. This allows to share technical knowledge of the system within engineers and different parties.

Automation Studio™ software offers a Hydraulic Library containing all the component symbols required to draw your hydraulic system. Once the hydraulic schematic design is completed, Automation Studio™ goes one step further and allows you to simulate the circuit and take accurate measurements such as pressure and flow at any point in time.

Hydraulic Schematic Design

The hydraulic CAD symbols available in Automation Studio™ libraries are compliant with ISO 1219-1 and 1219-2 standards. You have at your disposal thousands of fluid power components such as pumps, motors, directional valves, pressure valves, mechanical components, measuring and conditioning instruments, transducers, etc. Each components have been grouped by function to facilitate navigation and to enable rapid schematic drawing.

In the rare occasion where you do not find a specific component symbol, you can simply use the built-in configurators to create them, this includes a user-friendly Fluid Power Valve Spool Designer that lets you create virtually any valve spool position. Automation Studio™ includes must-have features for hydraulic schematics such as Bill of Material (BOM) and reports that are dynamically updated, templates for your sheets, and more.

Hydraulic Circuit Simulation

Each component in Automation Studio™ is preconfigured by default with technical properties, allowing users to quickly simulate their hydraulic system. Components’ parameters can be tweaked as needed. Even simulation parameters such as performance curves, external loads, leaks, viscosity and thermal characteristics can be configured.

During simulation, your intelligent hydraulic schematic becomes animated, and technical measurements can be taken at any point in time. Simply drag & drop any measurement to the plotters to monitor it’s evolution in time. Automation Studio™ also includes troubleshooting instruments that enables to create different failures in your hydraulic circuit and see the effects on the whole system.

Manufacturer Preconfigured Components

Trusted by renowned fluid power component manufacturers, Automation Studio™ offers users the ability to select preconfigured components from the manufacturer of their choice and integrate them into their schematic. Each manufacturer component has its respective simulation parameters, enabling efficient and accurate system design and simulation.


All other available technologies, such as Electrotechnical (AC/DC) and PLCs, can be linked together in order to create a Digital Twin of a complete system. For simpler control, the sequence diagram provides a visual and intuitive tool to promptly create sequences of operation without the need of a specific control language.

Increasing machine knowledge and providing the ability to troubleshoot your systems, the components used are dynamically documented via the Bill of Material & Report module.

The Hydraulic module is used in markets involved in mobile and industrial machines such as in Agricultural, Construction, Mining, Metallurgy, Forestry and Oil & Gas.