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Illustrated Libraries

Illustrated_Library with Automation Studio

Illustrated Libraries (PLCs, DC Electrical, Residential Electricity, Renewable Energy, Cut-Away Hydraulic and Pneumatic)

PLC Custom Library

This library was created to enable students to actually wire up the PLC (Allen Bradley, Eaton, Koyo, LS Electric, Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens, etc.), write the Ladder Logic and run the simulation to see the inputs and outputs being triggered on the PLC according to their ladder diagram.

DC Electrical Custom Library

This illustrated library is intended for DC electrical circuits. Components can be connected directly or by using the breadboard to create and simulate your circuit.  

Pneumatic Custom Library

This illustrated Pneumatic Library enables students to use real looking components to reproduce lab exercises. Using real looking components will improve their skills of connecting pneumatic systems.


Renewable Energy Custom Library

The new Renewable Energy library is made with illustrated components. It enables to create and simulate circuits with look-alike components from real-world applications. Some components even animate during simulation, creating an optimal experience for training activities.  

Residential Electricity Custom Library

Students can now quickly build residential electrical circuits using common components which they are familiar with.  

Hydraulic Cross-Section View Library

Create your circuit using hydraulic components with a cross-section view that is animated during simulation. Students can now quickly visualize the flow movement in the circuit.  

Hydraulic Cylinders with Load Custom Library

This custom library allows to quickly vary the cylinders load during simulation and instantly see how it affects the system.
Download these Custom Libraries from the File Sharing/Custom Libraries section of the Forum: