Automation Studio Educational Edition Software by Famic Technologies


Electrical Technology involves the troubleshooting, installation, testing and connection of electrical systems (NEMA, IEC, JIC, SAE).

With Automation Studio™, users can create, simulate and troubleshoot electrical, digital electronics and programmable logic controllers' circuits including:

  • AC/DC circuits and logic gates
  • Voltage, resistance, frequency, Ohm's Law, capacitance and inductance
  • Series and parallel circuits
  • Transformers, protection devices, motors and variable frequency drives (VFDs)
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (Allen-Bradley™, Siemens™, LSIS, IEC)

Real looking Measuring Instruments (multimeter, oscilloscope, clamp-meter) can be used to visualize volts, amps, ohms, frequency, etc., to better understand different systems and how to troubleshoot electrical circuits efficiently.

Using the Electrical, PLC, Sequential function chart (SFC) / GRAFCET or Structured Text, students can write the logic to control circuits and pre-made virtual systems (traffic lights, conveyor, elevator, pick & place, etc.).