Automation Studio Educational Edition Software by Famic Technologies

Automotive / Motor Vehicle

The Automotive program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to diagnose, service and repair basic electrical/electronic automotive systems. Topics covered include electrical theory and circuit diagnosis, automotive batteries, starting and charging systems, instrumentation, lighting and various vehicle accessories.

Automation Studio™ enables users to simulate and troubleshoot electrical AC/DC circuits (SAE, IEC, NEMA), using real looking Measuring Instruments, allowing students to troubleshoot circuits and better understand different behaviour of good or faulty systems.

Default simulation parameters (battery capacity, initial charge, internal resistance, voltage, frequency …) set for each component can easily be changed in order to visualize their effect during simulation.

With its animation and simulation capabilities, Automation Studio™ makes it easy to study the behaviour of different automotive systems such as ABS, EV battery, transmission, air conditioning, etc., and understand their main characteristics.