One-Line Electrical Diagram

electrical diagram automation studio software

Create, visualize, document and simulate diagrams for all voltage levels in a typical one-line representation of networks for power generation, transmission and distribution.

  • Design of standalone power networks, power plants, and substations
  • Diagram representation according to your company standards
  • Complete electrical network simulation without disrupting current operations
  • Full IEC and NEMA standards support
  • Full range of analysis and validation tools
  • Realistic training environment to prepare operators to work efficiently and safely in all conditions
  • Switching plan testing and validation in a safe virtual environment
one line electrical diagram automation studio software solution automation studio
One-Line Electrical library

Extensive Component Library

The One-Line Electrical Library is complete. It includes components such as circuit breakers, disconnectors, power transformers, metering transformers, loads, grounds, as well as the usual automation parts (line permutators, regulators, etc.), and protection devices.


Naming Rules

Automation Studio™ offers flexible and intelligent tools in order to automatically generate identifiers for components, which simplifies the task of general design. This is achieved through the use of standards and naming rules in association with intelligent components. Components names are automatically generated by analysing equipotentiality and connections.

Naming Rules automation studio software

Detailed Switching Plans

In an electrical installation, operators are required to prepare detailed switching plans before making any configuration changes. A set of rules must be observed to ensure the safety of the installation, the network and the staff. Traditionally, operators work primarily with a paper copy of the facility’s one-line diagrams.

Automation Studio™ allows you to perfectly recreate the current facility’s one-line diagrams. To this static display, the simulation adds dynamic and colour-coded representation of equipment and lines according to their status, as well as instruments and measurements. The operator can change the state of any operable component and observe the effect on the complete installation.

The simulator calculates the continuous power flow, according to the load representation and the network’s initial state entered by the operator.
The effect of each action is displayed immediately. The entire plan can be validated step by step, and different alternatives can be tested if necessary, prior to its implementation. This represents an excellent training platform for improving operator skill.

Detailed Switching Plans automation studio

Diagnostic Tools

A rich set of Diagnostic Tools allows designers to quickly verify the quality of diagrams, from simple methods such as checking for free connectors to more sophisticated ones that confirm voltage level consistency in equipotential areas.