Improve Your Automation StudioTM Skills

Famic offers training courses for new and long-time users of Automation StudioTM to help broaden their knowledge on different technologies and features of the software. Join in on a group training offered in our Montreal office and other centers across the globe, or request a personalized training to cover specific topics. Our instructors can also meet with you online
or travel to your facilities.

Upcoming Group Training

Enroll in one of our online training classes and get hands-on experience with six 2.5-hour training sessions (total of 15 hours), learning about Automation Studio™ online in a class of 5 to 10 people. Automation Studio’s standard training sessions have been designed to provide you with a general overview of the fundamental functions, libraries and modules of Automation Studio™.

On-Site Custom Training

We will deliver hands-on training of 3 to 5 days at your premises with carefully chosen exercises relevant to your specific applications. The trainer will be dedicated to answer your questions regarding Automation Studio™ features.
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Benefit from our expertise! We are able to implement your component catalogues into Automation Studio™ and adapt our software to meet your specific needs and improve your team's ability to finish products/projects in a timely fashion.
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