Fundamentals – Hydraulics
Automation StudioTM P6.4 

      15 hours

     North America, Europe, France

To provide fundamental knowledge and skills required to design, validate, troubleshoot and document hydraulic systems in Automation Studio™.

Targeted Audience
Anyone who is interested in learning how to use hydraulics in Automation Studio™.

Hydraulic Skills

  • Getting accustomed to the user interface.
  • Managing Project Structure.
  • Choosing document standards.
  • Drafting and designing a circuit from hydraulic component Library and manufacturers products.
  • Adjusting component data settings and performance.
  • Sizing components.
  • Building mechanisms.
  • Sequencing a hydraulic circuit.
  • Setting the simulation environment.
  • Analysing system behaviour using Simulation Tools.
  • Troubleshooting systems: failure modes, effects and consequences.
  • Updating project documentation: Bill of Materials (BOM), displayed component information, reports, revision and title blocks.

France - Online
   November 16 to 20
   Language: French
Europe - Online
   November 23 to December 04
   Language: English
North America - Online
   November 30 to December 02
   Language: English