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Maintenance Plan

Opt for Our Annual Maintenance & Technical Support Plan!

With the Annual Maintenance & Technical Support Plan for Automation Studio™, you do not need to worry about updating your software anymore, since new versions are automatically sent to you as soon as they are released. Each of our upgrades ensures that you will have access to Automation Studio™’s latest developments and features, thereby helping you maximize your proficiency.

The Maintenance Plan for Automation Studio™ provides exclusive advantages such as:

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FREE Upgrades and Service Releases

Full access to all Service Releases and major versions that will be release during a contract term.

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Unlimited Access to Technical Support

Free access to technical support via email, phone and web portal; you will be in contact with our specialists.

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2 Hours of Online Training

Reduce learning time by scheduling an Online Training of two hours with one of our specialists. Learn how to use Automation Studio™ features that are specifically in line with your requirements.

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Teachware for Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Electrical

The Teachware provides teachers and trainers with the essentials for preparing course curriculum. Automation Studio™ offers guides, lectures, animations and lab notes for all levels of discipline. Course material is available for various technologies depending on the available modules on your license.

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Access to Already Made 3D Virtual Systems

Training becomes even more realistic. Using the Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electrical, PLC and Sequential function chart (SFC) / GRAFCET libraries, Automation Studio™ users simply link components such as sensors, switches, lights, conveyors, etc., to make a pre-made Virtual System operate correctly.

The Maintenance Plan for the Automation Studio™ Educational Edition provides additional benefits such as:

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Remote Access Licensing

Teachers and Students can access the school license remotely to prepare courses, do homework and perform simulations directly from the comfort of their home.

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Manufacturers' Catalogues

The Manufacturers’ Catalogues include components and models from major Fluid Power Manufacturers that are pre-configured with accurate simulation parameters and ready to implement into your schematic.

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