Manufacturers' Catalogues

Request the Manufacturers’ Catalogues
and get unlimited access to manufacturers' preconfigured components for faster design and complete documentation.

Manufacturers’ Catalogues
  • Bench tested components from renown manufacturers
  • Component options management
  • Projects created with manufacturers’ parameters
  • Instant access to the latest versions
  • Detailed product information in one common environment

Trade Oriented Catalogues Tailored for OEM’s, Vendors, and Systems Integrators

The Manufacturers’ Catalogues include components and models from major fluid power manufacturers that are pre-configured with accurate simulation parameters and ready to use.

Product Selection and Comparison

By having access to complete product information in a single environment, comparison between various components is simplified and will speed up your decision-making.

Easy Access to Manufacturers’ Specifications and Interactive 3D View

Each component has been virtually-tested within Automation Studio™ to ensure that the simulations meet a manufacturer’s typical application and performance specifications. The virtual tests also help to understand the components’ behaviour and validate product selection. A 3D view, product properties, technical data, images, notes, documentation, complementary accessories, etc., are available in a single click.

Product classifications are based on ISO standards and NFPA recommendations. Component status is shown for each product.

Manufacturers Catalogues Automation Studio


Once the design is done using Manufacturers’ products, it becomes easy to generate automatically Bills of Materials and reports.

Instant Access to the Latest Versions

Your subscription gives access to the latest catalogues’ versions. Simply fill up the Manufacturer’s Catalogues Request Form to receive them.

On-Demand Specific Components

If the available catalogues do not include the products you need, you can request them to be added. Simply provide us with the complete part number and related manufacturers’ information and our team will include them in the development priorities. Click here to send a Component Request.