Service Releases Notification

Automation Studio™

You can be notified for updates within Automation Studio™ 6.2 from two different ways:

1. Automatically

Under the “AS” menu → “Automation Studio™ Options” button → “Behavior” section → if one of these options is selected for the “Software Update” parameter:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

*An Internet connection is required with the communication port: 80 open.


2. Manually

Under the “AS” menu → “ Support” menu → “Check for Updates

A dialogue box, similar to the following one, will appear when an update is available:

To download the latest fix you need to login to the technical support portal.


If you have any difficulties downloading the service release, please contact our technical support team at +1 514 748-8050, or connect to our online technical support portal.