Technical Publications

Automation Studio™ will enhance supplier communication and promote team synergy, thus helping to create the best possible products along with meaningful technical documentation.

  • Promotional/Sales documentation
  • Easily troubleshoot simple to large projects
  • Product specifications
  • Training material
  • Maintenance manuals

Automate your Workflow

You can define specific standards for each department using Automation Studio™. Furthermore, applying the appropriate standards allows you to automate many activities in your workflow. For instance, engineering drawings can be reused by a Technical Publications department to automatically convert them to appropriate presentation formats without having the need to use specialized authoring tools or performing tedious and time-consuming manual conversions.

Multi-Language Projects

Automation Studio™ integrates translation database to manage all information required to switch the project from one language to another including texts, pictures, hyperlinks, audios, and videos. Simply choose the desired language and Automation Studio™ will automatically replace all corresponding information in the project with the equivalent ones found in the translation database. This facilitates the transfer of your projects to your clients, colleagues, or partners abroad.