New Features in Automation Studio™ P6.2

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Automation Studio™ Viewer

Automation Studio™ Viewer

This edition will help users share schematics within their organization, with clients or anyone who doesn’t possess an Automation Studio™ license. It can display schematics for any technology, plotter curves from the original project as well as various reports.

Embedding Component

Embedding Component

The Embedding Component allows to create nested structures with different levels of hierarchy. This helps to simplify circuit representation by compacting a set of components into a single symbol. It is integrated in the Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Block Diagram Libraries.

Electrotechnical Protection Builder

Electrotechnical Protection Builder

The new Electrotechnical Protection Builder offers more configuration possibilities and allows to edit and simulate the protection’s characteristic curves. Other properties have been added, including control variables and advanced management of part numbers.

Interactive Lab Exercises

Interactive Lab Exercises

Interactive exercises are available for hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical technologies. Each of them include one schematic that is automatically simulated and animated in order to graphically show the behaviour of the function represented.

Manufacturers’ Catalogue Components Update

Manufacturers’ Catalogue Components Update

By selecting the following feature, Automation Studio™ automatically identifies and generates a list of all updates available for manufacturers and custom catalogue components present in the project. Users can then decide for each component if they wish to update it.

Sizing Sheets Transfer to Enterprise Standards

Sizing Sheets Transfer to Enterprise Standards

The calculation sheets can be transferred and reused from one project to another by using the added transfer function towards the Enterprise Standards.

automation studio block diagram module

Block Diagram Module

Graphical environment for component and system modeling using predefined function blocks.
It can also be used for creating and testing complete control loops.

automation studio analytical tools

Analytical Tools

Intuitive tools to visualize and analyze simulation behaviours using 2D or 3D plotters. Compare results from different plotters throughout simulation.

New simulation models

New Simulation Models

New simulation models available for accessories, fittings in lines, pumps, inductors, capacitors and pneumatic brakes.

automation studio improved iso standard

Improved Library Explorer with ISO 2012 Standard

New search filter and improved navigation to quickly locate components. Manage standards for each technology, including new Hydraulic/Pneumatic ISO Standards 1219-1 (2012).

automation studio translation manager

Translation Manager

Easily build, manage and share a dictionary with all the project translated terms in a single database. All texts in projects are standardized to provide a more efficient communication.

automation studio layer manager interface

Layer Manager Interface

Simply drag & drop components on any layer of the manager, filter, sort and order different layers. Layer management is also available for title blocks.

automation studio Sizing Sheet Parameters

Sizing Sheet Parameters

Input parameter in the sizing sheets can now be defined using curves (in function of time). New energy calculations are now possible.

automation studio SFC / PLC Allen Bradley™ Code Translator

SFC to Allen-Bradley Ladder Export

Generate an Allen-Bradley Ladder Logic code from the SFC module of Automation Studio™ that can be transferred to the PLC.

automation studio Ribbon Bar Commands

Ribbon Bar Commands

Standards specific to each technology and Installation/Circuit configuration can be accessed directly from the ribbon bar. Additional tooltips commands are also present in the ribbon bar.

automation studio New Display Features

New Display Features

Easily show & hide all component’s satellites or references from the ribbon bar. Modify the function of a line belonging to an assembly and identify components with associated satellites.

automation studio Favorite Properties

Favorite Properties

New favorite feature displays only important properties of a selected component. Default favorite properties can be modified by the user for components.

automation studio component images

Component Images

Component properties now include descriptive images displaying contextual properties specific to a selected component model.