Catalogue Manager

Import catalogues and MRP data easily into Automation Studio™, and give your employees access to product information, whenever needed during project implementation.

catalogue manager automation studio
  • Trade-oriented towards fluid power and electrical technologies
  • Increased engineering productivity with advanced search capabilities
  • User-friendly interface for product selection /
  • Efficient product documentation management
  • Easily data transfer between ERPs and Automation Studio™
  • Full import and export functions

Make your Own Catalogues
and Parts Database

You can create various catalogues based on raw or structured data. To import data, the Catalogue Manager supplies a structured exchange file that is compatible with SQL based databases, thus facilitating the transfer from catalogues or ERP data.

Complete Product Documentation

You will be able to manage complete documentation related to your products including:

  • Product categorization
  • Technical data
  • Geographical locations, pricing and currencies
  • Symbols
  • Units (metric or imperial)
  • Images
  • Technical specifications sheets
  • 3D views
  • Product version, revision, and validation state
  • External links
  • Commercial information
  • Any other related information: videos, users guide, etc.

Flexible Web-Based Application

The Catalogue Manager is integrated with Automation Studio™. It can also be deployed as a stand-alone application. This module supports:

  • Full LAN, WAN and Web access
  • Multi-user environment
  • History of events
  • Security management
  • API and scripts functions

Powerful Search Engine

In order to identify the right product faster and with improved accuracy, two search modes are available and applicable to selected catalogues:

  • Structured queries using technical data and component properties;
  • Full text search

You can narrow your search by entering other criteria applicable to search results.

Product Options Management

The Catalogue Manager offers an XML editor enabling you to produce a part number generator to select product options along with corresponding symbol and behaviour.