Modeling - Hydraulics
Automation StudioTM Professional Edition

      15 hours (6 sessions of 2.5h)

     North America and Europe

To provide advanced knowledge and skills required to model hydraulic components and manufacturer products for hydraulic systems.

Targeted Audience
Anyone interested in further enhancing their technical skills using hydraulics in Automation Studio™ who has completed the Automation Studio™ P8.0 Training: Hydraulics – Fundamentals

Completed Automation Studio™ P8.0 Training: Fundamentals - Hydraulics

  • Master the simulation analysis tools.
  • Understand the modeling of hydraulic fluids & lines.
  • Understand complementary component models.
  • Understand the compensation strategies.
  • Carry out modeling of manufacturing products (pumps, compensation valves, etc.).
  • Model and reuse more complex mechanisms.
  • Combine worksheets for system sizing.


Hydraulic Modeling training

  October 21, 23, 25, 28, 30 + November 1 / 2024
  Language: English