Virtualize your Equipments

With Automation Studio™, almost any type of real equipments you have in your lab related to Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electrical and PLC can be reproduced. Simply create a customizable library that contains the components found on the trainer with the exact same name, symbol, representation and technical specifications. Students can then recreate all the lab experiments in Automation Studio™, validate with the simulation, print out the schematic and then, move on to the hardware for hands-on experience.

Advantages virtualizing your equipments using Automation Studio™

  • All students can work simultaneously on the software
  • Virtually test, troubleshoot, and validate circuits using Automation Studio™ simulation prior to actual hands-on experimentation
  • Automation Studio™ contains hundreds of components for fluid power, electrical,  PLC, and more, therefore students can be initiated to many more different behaviours
  • Initiates student to circuit design software
  • Unlimited circuit configuration possibilities thanks to the interaction between all technologies
  • Virtual experimentation and testing in a safe environment
  • Automation Studio™ is easy to use for both teachers and students

automation studio virtualize your equipment