What our Clients Say About Automation Studio™

Monica Tiboni, Assistant Professor in the Mechanical and Industrial Department
Università degli Studi di Brescia, (Italy)

I use Automation Studio in my courses of Pneumatics and Hydraulics since 2008. I was searching for a software to create illustrations and animations of systems for my lessons, but also to be used by my students for a more effective learning of technologies. An engineer of the Italian Bosch-Rexroth hydraulics division suggested to me Automation Studio and so I tried it and I immediately liked it. With Automation Studio, I can create content-rich and flexible learning material to illustrate basic theoretical principles during the lessons with the help of simulations and animations. I also installed it on student computers so we can combine different ways to support students in learning, from the physical implementation of circuits to computer simulation. The libraries that students use during my courses are Pneumatic, Electrical-control, Hydraulic, Proportional hydraulic and SFC. The ease of use of Automation Studio makes the training of students very fast and this is very important considering the limited time available in the curricular courses. The students are fascinated by the possibility of seeing their circuits working and therefore of being able to easily identify any error. This greatly helps the effectiveness of teaching and consequently my task.

Heikki Paavilainen, Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, (Finland)

We have used Automation Studio™ for some years with fluid power and machine automation courses. Automation Studio™ makes teaching and learning more fun and effective because it offers easy ways to do exercises during lessons. Automation Studio™ is easy to use and the possibility to simulate schemes and functionalities increase student understanding on how systems and components are working. In the initial courses, the system technologies are the main focus. During laboratory exercises, students design and test the schemes by using simulation before practical connections on the workbenches. Automation Studio™ also offers more advanced features for proportional and servo hydraulic systems as well as for mobile hydraulics. It´s available for students at home so remote studying is possible. Overall, it is useful as it is a multipurpose software covering numerous technologies and scopes.

Luigi Mazza, Assistant Professor
Politecnico di Torino, (Italy)

As a beginner user of Automation Studio™ I find this package to be a very useful and powerful software for simulation of pneumatic and electropneumatic systems. In particular ladder logic works as a regular commercial PLC in which all the most important features can be performed: timers, counters, bit/byte/word logic, registers, arithmetic, comparisons... just to mention some. All types of numbers (real, integers, ...) can be managed and many variables can be linked to "animations", thus allowing to build your own "animated automation" in an easy and realistic way. Siemens, Rockwell Automation and IEC 61131 ladder code can be written including all the features and performance of those so widespread PLC. I have found it to be a very effective method to demonstrate the operating principle of pneumatic circuits and controls. Famic Technologies provides to the user a very useful and helpful support system, which helps and guides you for the solution over any issues you can find.

Abdul Samba, Teacher of Engineering
Suffolk One College, (United Kingdom)

"Having explored the Automation Studio™ Online Videos and the recommendation from BTEC awarding body, I believe that Automation Studio™ has all the ingredients needed to equip our students with the right knowledge and skills towards their future career. With Automation Studio™, our students can now create Pneumatic and Hydraulic circuit diagrams to BS ISO industry standard. It will also provide the students the means of simulating the circuits so that they can analyse the circuits further."

Todd Zarbok, Mechatronic Instructor
Alexandria Technical and Community College (ATCC), (Minnesota, USA)

"With simple CAD software, circuit design is very abstract and you can’t show students upfront what the class and lab expectations or outcome should be. The ability to animate circuits in Automation Studio™ is one of the major reasons why we decided to integrate this software to our curriculum. The efficiency in creating circuits has exponentially increased. With Automation Studio™, we can now draw circuits in a matter of minutes. The fact that you can animate prepares students for labs. They can test the circuit and make sure it works properly."

Pedro León Simanca, MSc.
Instituto Tecnologico Metropolitano, Medellín - Colombia

"I recommend it to any university that wants to do different things just as much for students as for the teachers.

I have been using Automation Studio for a long time and have seen the program evolve from version 3.01 to 5.6. Previously, classes consisted of drawing valves on the board or in a notebook and imagining the movements of the valves and actuators; now I am able to simulate circuits in a realistic way; the student can input data about load, volume, pressure and RPM and gain reliable results. An easy way to assemble circuits and the quantity of standard symbols which the library relies on allows one to make both basic and complicated circuits. I use it in my Hydraulic & Pneumatic and PLC classes, and now we are also working in programming with Grafcet, a tool very much used on an international level. Comparing it with other software that I am familiar with, Automation Studio definitely has more advantages. I recommend it to any university that wants to do different things just as much for students as for the teachers.”

Khalil, Medhat, Director of Professional Education,
MSOE Milwaukee School of Engineering, (Wisconsin, USA)

"Our material were no more static presentations, it became live and interactive.

Milwaukee School of Engineering is a leading school in teaching fluid power and motion control for both undergraduate students and industry professionals. Lately we have upgraded our training equipment with Automation Studio™ Educational version. Our material were no more static presentations, it became live and interactive. The whole circuits are now presented for the students and discussed interactively to reinforce the understanding of the basic and advanced concepts. With the use of Automation Studio™, teaching fluid power and motion control became fun. Automation Studio™ helped us a lot in developing PC-Based training modules. Thanks for Automation Studio™."

Richard Day, Professor,
Automation & Robotics Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology, (Ontario, Canada)

"Automation Studio™ makes my job easier and more fun, since I enjoy making the simulations as much as the students enjoy seeing them.

I have been using Automation Studio™ as a teaching tool for classes in pneumatic circuits since the days when it was PneuSim. Every new version has been an improvement over the previous. I now use Automation Studio™ for Pneumatics, Electrical Relay Ladder Logic and for PLC programming lectures. I have found it to been an effective method to demonstrate control circuits during lectures. Students pay attention in class, ask informed questions, and are usually well prepared for their lab activities after lectures that include one or more simulations. Automation Studio™ makes my job easier and more fun, since I enjoy making the simulations as much as the students enjoy seeing them."

David Pearce, Plant Mechanics Instructor National
Construction College East (Great Britain)

"Using the Automation Studio™ program is a cost effective and efficient method of teaching all aspects of hydraulic, electric, and pneumatic control; simply a must have for any training facility.

I have been using Automation Studio™ software here at the National Construction College for nearly five years. I have found the Automation Studio™ package invaluable as a teaching resource, as it graphically shows everything you could possibly need from very simple hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical principles right up to the logic systems of electronic control, one of a select few programs on the market that can do this and by far the easiest one to use. Using the Automation Studio™ program is a cost effective and efficient method of teaching all aspects of hydraulic, electric, and pneumatic control; simply a must have for any training facility."

Ognjen Kuljaca, Assistant Professor, Department of Advanced Technology
Alcorn State University (Mississippi, USA)

"The simulation ability of Automation Studio™ is a great advantage over the other products.

We at Alcorn State University are using Automation Studio™ in teaching pneumatics, hydraulics, PLCs and in various electrical engineering courses. The simulation ability of Automation Studio™ is a great advantage over the other products. Having the same platform that allows for simulation of various circuits makes it much easier for the students and faculty to use the software and shortens the time required from theoretical design and calculation to actual application of the circuit."

Dave Yearwood, Professor, Department of Technology
University of North Dakota (North Dakota, USA)

"Automation Studio™ has become an invaluable tool in my teaching of hydraulics and electrical systems.

I am a firm believer in well-developed simulation software to teach fundamental concepts and Automation Studio™ has become an invaluable tool in my teaching of hydraulics and electrical systems. Tools demonstrate their value when they help accomplish a desired objective and your simulation software has made it possible for me to have greater confidence in students’ ability to tackle complex hydraulic and electrical tasks prior to releasing them to work on real-world systems! In fact, I am so confident in your product that students know that they will not be released to work on any system they design unless they can demonstrate that it works using Automation Studio™."

Al Manore, Applied Technology
Macomb Community College, USA

"I am currently using Automation Studio™ to teach Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Electrical circuits and have found it to be an excellent tool in moving from textbook to application. I highly recommend it for anyone teaching skilled trades. On a scale of one to ten I would without hesitation give it a solid eleven. I have been using this software for at least the past ten years and it has been an excellent tool for teaching the trades."

Steven Dick, B.S., M.L.S. Industrial Technology Instructor
Northwest State Community College, USA

"I want to personally thank you and your staff for all the help that you gave me and the college by using Automation Studio™. As you know, I was previously using Fluid Sim P. and Fluid Sim H to draw circuits, but with thirty years of sound experience in Fluid Power, I have always found myself limited in the design of complex systems when using circuit design software…until now. I must admit that Automation Studio™ has facilitated my job as an instructor. Your libraries contain all the required ISO symbols and the components can be configured according to my needs. Your software has been a great asset for teaching, and it has shown to be an even greater advantage for corporate training. It provides me a competitive advantage over other corporate trainers since I can design the systems of the machines my customers actually use, and to customize my training according to their specific needs. The prints created with Automation Studio™ can then be used to train new employees. I can’t thank you enough for all the help this represents for me! Your company is great to work with, and your software is second to none."

Robert Williams, Fluid Power
Spokane Community College, WA - USA

"With funding for technical programs becoming very limited we find the Automation Studio™ software an excellent alternative in teaching the basics of hydraulics, pneumatics, and machine control. The software provides a positive feedback as well as reinforcement for the students when they take their lecture information into the lab. The simulated cut-away views allow the student to see "inside" greatly enhancing the non-simulated cut-aways we pass around in class. Then as the student advances Automation Studio™ simulation software reinforces the circuitry and interaction between the various electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic components. We find Automation Studio™ an excellent teaching tool and an alternative to the high cost of funding a professional/technical college program."

Dr Jan Brink, Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Midwestern State University, TX, USA

"Automation Studio™ is a good tool for designing circuits before the students build them in the lab. The simulation capabilities will tell them if their circuit will work in the real world. It is also much faster than for example AutoCad since most symbols are already there."

David Hubbert, Program Chair, Industrial Maintenance Technology
Texas State Technical College, Brownwood, USA

"I have found that Automation Studio™ provides an excellent "bridge" from theory to application. Students who use the software more readily develop the ability to build real circuits and demonstrate the understanding of the theories behind the circuitry. It is a very effective teaching tool and I would highly recommend it for the technical instructor."

Will Hadden, Instructor, Alabama Industrial Development Training
Mercedes Benz Institute, USA

"I became acquainted with Automation Studio™ about 7 years ago when I was instructing at Shelton State Community College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I needed something that I could use in the classroom to draw basic circuits for the students. Since this program not only allowed me to draw them, but to simulate them as well, it was the choice for the time. Since then, I have seen several others on the market, but none seem to have all the "bells and whistles" that this program has. One of our customers at SSCC saw a demonstration during a tour of our facility, and liked the program so much that they purchased it for their plant and put all their hydraulic systems on it. They installed it on the machine computers and use it for troubleshooting and for making design changes in their circuits.

Here at AIDT, I am having it installed on student computers so that they can draw the circuits that we build on our trainers. This allows them to "try" their circuits to see if they will work before building them. We are also installing it in our Electro-Pneumatic lab where they teach troubleshooting. We have had very good response from all who have used or viewed this program."

Frank D. Petruzella, Technical Author
Glencoe McGraw-Hill, USA

"Computer-based simulation of circuitry is gaining wide acceptance as a tool that can be used to facilitate learning in curriculum dealing with electrical engineering technology. As a user of Automation Studio™ I have found this package to an ideal tool for teaching the fundamentals of industrial controls in general and PLC ladder logic programming in particular."

Jacques Martineau, Teacher, Electromechanics of automated systems
Centre de Formation Professionnelle Qualitech, Trois-Rivières, QC, Canada

"The current letter is a testimonial of my appreciation of Automation Studio

As a teacher in electromechanical of automated systems, I’ve always been concerned with improving the learning process of my students by using different educational tools that would allow me to reach my teaching goals.

Since my discovery of Automation Studio™, I have recognised that this software is truly the educational tool par excellence. It is valued by students and teachers alike. Its simplicity of operation, its multiple workshops, and its simulation function make it the perfect learning tool.

I have no other choice but to recommend it wholeheartedly."

Schmidt, Juergenq, Prof. Dr.- Ing
University of Karlsruhe, Institute for Production Engineering, Germany

"As the software is very user-friendly, it allows creating control applications of higher complexity very quickly.

In my courses, I have been using Automation Studio™ for some years in order to simulate the control applications. As the software is very user-friendly, it allows creating control applications of higher complexity very quickly.

I use Automation Studio™ for: Pneumatic Controls (Circuits, MB), Hydraulic Controls (Circuits, MB), Electrical Controls (Relay Ladder Logic), PLC Ladder Logic.

In all cases, the program has been working the best way. The students are inspired by the control applications animation. The simulation allows to discover faulty behaviour within the circuits very fast and to troubleshoot them."

Mr Kerryn Newey, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Border Technikon, East London, South Africa

"I used the pneumatic simulation package last year and found it to be very good. It's an easy package to learn to use. I found it very useful for simulating exam and test questions and also for drawing up nice neat memorandums. It saves a huge amount of time because all the symbols are available in a symbol library, and you just have to drag and drop them into place. It also saves time in designing suitable circuits for tutorials and tests because of the ability of the software to simulate the circuit as you build onto it. I don't know how it compares to other similar simulation packages but I can highly recommend it."