Privileged Distributors - Education Market

Automation Studio™ is an essential CAD and simulation tool for teachers, students and engineers. It allows systems design, simulation and animation thanks to multiple automation technologies such as Pneumatics, Hydraulics, PLCs, Electrical Controls, SFC-GRAFCET and Digital Electronics.

Our reseller network for the educational market covers the 5 continents. We are active in many countries and we always seek to strengthen our reseller network by working with new qualified partners. We have particular interest in working with manufacturers or VARs of automation equipment who wish to enhance their product line and offer to their customers simulation capabilities and the ability to reproduce virtually their equipment in Automation Studio ™. By offering Automation Studio™ along with your equipment you will be able to respond to a wider range of opportunities and provide a more competitive and complete solution, combining a physical to a virtual platform.
If interested, feel free to send us an email at or to call us at + 1 514 748 -8050.