New Features in Automation Studio™ E6.3

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Interactive Lab Exercises

Interactive Lab Exercises

Interactive exercises are available for hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical technologies. Each of them include one schematic that is automatically simulated and animated in order to graphically show the behaviour of the function represented.


Multimeter Clamp

A Multimeter Clamp has been added to the set of realistic measuring tools (Oscilloscope, Hydraulic Tester, Multimeter, Thermometer and Manometer), to allow circuit measurement of the electric current without having to disconnect wires.

Co-simulation by API

Co-simulation by API

Automation Studio™ can communicate via APIs with third-party simulation software allowing users to create a model-in-the-loop (MIL) testing environment and simulate Automation Studio™ projects with other complementary multi-physics simulation software.


CAN bus Communication


Through CAN bus J1939 communication, any compatible controller can be connected to Automation Studio™ to create a virtual environment in order to design, validate, train and troubleshoot.



Find & Replace Text


This function allows to find text corresponding to Variables, Expressions, References and Accessories within the open project, and replace it when the text content found allows the modification.


Assembly and Group Editing Functions

Editing functions (add, delete and move components, modify component properties …) can be used within an existing Assembly or Group, without having to Ungroup or Disassemble its components.


New BOM and Report Module

Create your own report template or choose and customize existing ones (BOM, purchase list, cable list, etc.). Most component properties included in your project can be edited directly from your reports. In addition, improved Filter, Sort and Group features are available to help intuitively find the information you want.