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In its mission to provide the best solution for the design & simulation of hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems, Famic Technologies Inc. is continuously enhancing and expanding its manufacturers’ catalogues. These include components from major Fluid Power Manufacturers that are preconfigured with simulation parameters and ready to use in Automation Studio™. In the meantime, Famic Technologies Inc. can offer you a quicker way to get specific components before the validated catalogues are officially released. The requested components can be used by Famic Technologies Inc. in the catalogues it makes available to all Automation Studio™ users.

Please note only Automation Studio™ users who are subscribed to the Manufacturers' Catalogues are able to request the addition of specific manufacturer components.

In order to avoid any delays processing your demand, please provide us with the complete part number and related manufacturer information. Please, try to be specific on your demand and avoid asking for a general product family. Once submitted, our staff will contact you to confirm your request.

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