Andon Studio™

Andon Studio™ is a powerful integrated software solution to monitor your productivity in real-time and optimize your operations’ process management.

The “Industry 4.0” concept, also known as the 4th Industrial Revolution, is a direct result of today’s highly competitive economic conditions. It defines a new organization of factories named “smart factories” and aims to optimize process through interoperable systems. In this new industry, computerized systems ensuring real-time control and monitoring of production stages are essential. This type of system is called Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Andon Studio™ is the perfect MES tool to meet the expectations of Industry 4.0. It enables better factory visibility in real time and optimized productivity. By providing a new level of control, communication and organization, Andon Studio™ highlights all essential details for continuous optimization and decision-making (piloting, interaction and real time monitoring).

With its modular functions and modern interface, Andon Studio™ is the ideal solution for real-time monitoring of productivity and for optimizing your operations.

Efficiently manage service requests

Service requests are managed using configurable processes and can be initiated periodically, manually by operators or automatically launched from any type of controller. If the recipients do not respond within the given time, each process can be configured to escalate the request or perform a defined action.

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Precisely identify the reasons for equipment downtime

Downtime causes normalized by equipment type are detected and automatically communicated to the right people. Operators can also provide additional comments or modify downtime causes.
andon raisons d'arrêts des equipements


Follow your machines’ state evolution

Visualize the state of your machines in real-time or at a precise moment with chronological bars. A color code indicates the state of the machine (production, maintenance, stop, etc.) over the desired period of time. Other key information are displayed such as production counts and downtime causes.

Receive alerts and notifications on the medium of your choice

Key information is quickly transmitted to the right people through alerts and notifications. You can set conditions for notifications, track calls and manage escalation rules.

Personalize your operation procedures by request type

Procedures to be implemented can easily be edited using a graphical workflow.

visualisez en temps réel l’ensemble des opérations

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View all operations in real-time

Equipment and production status, service requests, KPIs, production and rejects are displayed in real-time on centralized displays across the factory.

Generate customized reports

In addition to the reports already provided, you can add your own custom reports displayed in graphical or tabular format that can be shared with other users.

generate customized report

Eliminate paper forms

Digital and configurable forms can be integrated into processes and completed by stakeholders during audits, inspections or regular procedures.

Access machine operation and troubleshooting documents

Reduce dependencies on specialized resources by integrating troubleshooting documents and procedures, that can include video-assisted tasks quickly accessible by operators.

Access machine operation and troubleshooting documents

Log important data

Important operation data is saved to a centralized database in order to maintain a history that ensures optimal traceability.